Elder Hansen is serving a full time mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints among the people of Quetzaltenango, Guatemala.

Saturday, May 26, 2012

it sounds like mostly everything is going good.  Here this week, we had the conference with president Bautista, which was really good.  I went to the one last night, but I missed the talks because I was getting stuff ready and everything, but I watched most of the movie, and we watched tangled.  I had never seen it before, and i thought it was pretty funny.  Then today we went again, because the assistents had to talk, and today is p´day.  so I was able to hear the talks but I didn´t see the movie because we had to do more stuff. But like I said, it was good, and i was able to see alot of missionaries and everything, and talk with them.
   Good luck mom with the recovery, did they have to clean out your nose and everything like they did to Mark?   that couple that got married is from momos, so no we didn´t teach them or anything, they investigators of other missionaries.  I´m glad that Brian´s liking the sprayer and everything, i´m sure bowen loves it too, haha.  
My companion´s doing well too, so everything´s good.  This week has pretty much been normal though, it was a pretty big race though.  Only one elder went home this week, he didn´t get sent home he just is ending his mission, so it wasn´t too much of a problem.  
     How was Shane´s talk, and when´s he going back to school.  What has romney been up to?  and when is tessa´s call gonna come?  yesterday it rained pretty hard so that was cool to watch as well, the street´s were pretty covered with water.  Anyway, everything else has been good, and life goes on.  I hope that you all have a good week, and thanks for everything.  Love you all,
Elder hansen

Monday, May 21, 2012

hey, i just wanted to write something real quick because i don`t really have that much time.  On saturday, the lds mail website wasn`t working, so that`s why i`m writing now.  But on saturday also we went to momos to take a lawyer up there to marry a couple, so that took about 3 or 3 and a half hours.  Buteverything`s going pretty good.  The mission had to get 40 contacts this week of people who wanted to learn more about the gospel, so that helped us out i feel like. just to answer your question, this last week there was a lady who before had worked for the missionaries in the office, making breakfast and lunch and cleaning, etc.  and she starting working for us, but it was inside the house, and then President found out that we couldn`t do it, so now it`s back to normal, cooking and everything for ourselves, but it`s fine, it doesn`t take too much time.  But we coudln`t have been able to pay for her to do that anyway, so it`s alright.  But for lunch we go and buy food, and there`s some pretty cheap places, but mostly it`s a restaurant or fast food, because we wouldn`t have time to cook or anything.  
    That`s awesome that natessa`s putting her papers in, we`ll see where she goes!  But i attached a picture of what our pickup looks like, it pretty much looks exactly like that, just a different color.  it`s a diesel too, a lot of cars here are.  
    Anyway, it was good to talk to all of you too, i`m excited that shane was able to get home safe and everything, that`s great.  The rainy season has started, so it rains every day, but it`s alright, it keeps things cooler.  Have a good week all of you, and hope that you take care.  love you all,
Elder Hansen

Saturday, May 12, 2012

hey family,
how is everything going?  Sounds like everyone has their own things going and everything.  I'm thinkin i`m gonna call you all at about 3.  And also, elder andrade, one of the assistents, is trying to get a camera set up, but i will be able to use skype, so i guess you can call mark and brian and marissa to be able to figure out how we can do that, so that should be fun.  Sometimes though, it doesn't work that well, so we may not be able to use the camera, but oh well, we'll see how it works out tomorrow.  I'll call you probably a little before hand just to make sure that you're there and everything.  But today was good. We went to a lake called Chikabal? I think, is what it's called.  It was really cool though, up on the other side of xela.  But ya, vincent got baptized last week, and his cousing baptized him, it was a pretty good service.  We're still looking for more positive investigators always.  pretty much this week has been normal and fun.  I can't believe that shane has so few days left, it's so weird, I know i've said that already, but it's true.  Anyway, the weather here is pretty nice, it's perfect, cause it doesn't get too hot or anything.  Elder carter went to be the zone leader in xela centro, so i'm here with elder maldonado, and you'll probably get to talk to him tomorrow too.  
    Well, we'll have to talk tomorrow, i'm excited too to be able to talk to you all, and you'll have to figure out things on that end, I heard there's a program called logitech hd, that may be better than skype.  You'll have to look into that, and I think i will too today, to see what it's all about.  But take care and love you all.
Elder hansen

Saturday, May 5, 2012

everything´s going good here in Xela.  Today, we thought about doing internet in Momostenango because we had to drive up there today.  We drove up at 7 and dropped off Elder Maldonado with the Assistents (Maldonado is my comp from Mexico, because we´re in a trio now with Elder Carter from Sandy, Utah, but Carter's leaving this tuesday).  So we did that, but we were only there about 20 minutes, then Elder Carter and I came back on a bus, so that was more or less fun.  I had never been to momos so it was cool to see what it was like.   Today´s p-day and the baptism, and I think i´m going to be playing the piano with another kid that plays violin, but we have to practice a little bit today.  It´s kind of nice, cause I can print off sheet music here.  Elder Maldonado also plays piano,and he brought some music with him as well. 
    That´s so funny about bowen, how he fake laughs and everything, I can imagine that.  That´s cool though that alysha has a dance competition there and everything, that´s good.  I for sure understand when you talk about track season.  Track season means wind and dust and rain, snow, and Everything else.  But it is fun so I'm glad that jared's doing it.  Also, I think I told you, there's a kid named Juan Quintanilla that's from rupert in this mission.  He was in rupert 4th ward, he went to declo, so he knows kord whiting, mckensey murray, all these people, so it's kind of crazy.  I think I told you that but i couldn't remember.  I saw him on tuesday because we went to a zone meeting with the assistents and I was able to talk with him there.  this tuesday there are changes, so I have to send off all the old missionaries and bring in the new ones.  There's 15 leaving and 13 coming.  
     Also, on this computer there's google earth, so we can look up addresses and everything, but i was looking at the one in rupert, and it was funny cause I saw grandpa driving on the minidoka highway and also three of our beet trucks, so I showed my comps and everything, I thought it was prettty funny.  I  think that i had seen that though before the mission, but I couldn´t remember.  
    also about the call, that would be cool to do it on skype, I wouldn't have a camera or anything cause there are none, but I can ask, because it would be free that way, and plus we could all talk.  But if not, i'll just use the cell phone.  the rainy season isn't here yet, I think it starts more towards the end of may.  Since november, it's probably rained 3 inches, so it's pretty dry. But I like the dry season alot better, just cause the more water there is, the more messier everything is, but either way it's good.  I also can't believe that the school year is over. that's crazy.  that went by way fast, so that means summer is gonna be like the blink of an eye.  Also, what day does shane get back?  I think you told me the 17th, but I wasn't sure, that's way crazy I can't even believe it.  It's sad actually how fast time goes sometimes.
    Pretty much in the office I just call people, and we're also doing a newsletter so I need to do that.  For example, this week they're closing some areas, and also moving around some stuff, so I need to call the guy that does that, and other little things like that.  In the ward, I don't have a calling or anything, there's six missionaries and probably around 200 members that come, but I don't know to be honest.  Also, I know some of the changes already that are happing and I found out that my son (elder besendorfer) is coming to Las Americas, my ward, so that's awesome, I'm excited that he's going to be coming, unless, of course, it changes at last minute.  But if not, then he'll be in the same ward.  Also, I don't know when we're going to the temple, i'm pretty sure almost every zone has already gone, except the office, but I'm pretty sure we're going soon, but the mission only goes once a year, and I suspect also that misión retalhuleu goes as well.
    pues, take care family, we're going to have an appointment with a guy that my companion contacted on the bus, so we'll see what he says. Here's a picture of the temple I snapped the other day.  It's not that good, but i like it.  Take care love you all.
Elder hansen