Elder Hansen is serving a full time mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints among the people of Quetzaltenango, Guatemala.

Saturday, June 30, 2012

i don´t have much time to write, but hope that i´m able to share what i want.  But i can´t believe a year´s gone, to be honest it´s exciting, but at the same time when you think about it, it´s really sad, because it´s not fair that it goes by like this, really fast.  LIke they say, that at the end of your mission your ready to serve a mission, and that applies right now too, i´m ready to go and start my mission, haha, but i guess it´s all a learning process.  It´s such a blessing though, even in the hard moments, you know you have to go through them, and that´s what i say when i feel like things are going hard, i have to do it, and there´s going to be an end, and there always is, but it´s amazing how blind we are sometimes to the future and everything.  I hope that you all are doing good.
    It rains every day here, but nothing hard, it rained pretty hard today, just for a little bit though.  the annoying thing is when it´s not raining to hard, kind of drizzling i guess, but it never stops, and you just get soaked.  We did, however find an umbrella in an old missionary´s house, because we sometimes go and clean out stuff, and so maybe we´ll start to use that. 
   I´m glad that i don´t have to say bye to romney, like you said it´s really hard, so i just will write him one of these weeks to wish him luck and everything. for my own farewell it wasn´t too hard, but when someone else is leaving it´s hard.  I hope that you have a good farming year, what is the new building that they´re doing for mart produce? 
   We have quite a few investigators, this week we will probably weed some out to see which ones are going to progess, it´s always a process, finding teaching commiting, and if they don´t keep commitments, you can´t keep teaching them, just visit them once in a while to see if they are ready, and president has talked alot about that. 
      I hope that you all take care, i sure love you, and hope that i can learn to be a more loving person. 
have a great week, right now we´re going to teach oswaldo, a 25 year old who is looking for a job, and says that he has had some accidents in his life, so pray for him, and pray for the family of Gonzalo and for fernando. 
Elder hansen

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Querida familia,
hey sorry about not writing you again, it seems like tuesday is kind of my new day to write, but that´s alright.  Everything´s going good here, It has been a pretty busy crazy week, so it might me a little tired, but that´s alright because it was good.  There were changes on Tuesday, and then on WEdnesday we had an awesome conference with Elder Amado from the area presidency.  it was really good and inspirational and everything, so i was glad that i could go.  WE were gonna do a musical number, but then at the last minute they changed the one conference and divided it into two, so the other missionaries weren´t able to come to the meeting i went to.  Everything´s going pretty good.  WE´re teaching some guards in the temple and hoping that some are able to come to church and everything.  on Friday i hit a year which kind of seems way too fast, but that´s alright, I think is it already a year, and what have I been able to accomplish, because i have so much more to do, but that´s alright.  But elder monge is still with us here in the office, but i´m not sure for how much time, but it´s fun to be in a trio.  It sounds like you guys are having too much fun, haha, in the cabin and then the trek should be fun, i always wanted to go, but our ward never ended up going, but that´s alright, i hope that you all take care on it.  We haven´t been able to visit gonzalo yet because he´s been out of town, but we´re hoping to visit him.  I´m not sure when we´re going to the temple, but i think it´s soon, so that should be cool. 
     But I hope that everything´s going good up there with the family, i´m grateful i was raised in a good family, and with the gospel in my life because it makes a big difference in everything.  Thank you for everything, and hope that you all have a good week.  I hope i can write on this saturday as well.  but take care and good luck with everything.
Elder hansen
p.s. tell tyson crane hi for me, i heard he talked a couple sundays back so that´s good.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Hey family,
How is everything going?  Sounds like you´re all doing good.  We went to Momos this saturday witht he assistents and got back about 2 o clock, and so we never got back in the office.  But the baptism was good, I was able to baptize her, and so that was a good experience as well.  We have some pretty positive people right now, we´re hoping that they´re able to progress.  There´s a guy named fernando that is interested and likes it when we come, his only problem is that he can´t really come to church i guess because of his work, but he says if he gets his car put together then he would be able to arrive, or at least to the meeting  of the other ward that shares our same building.  Today are changes, so things get pretty crazy.  There´s 14 missionaries coming in about an hour, and then 21 are leaving tomorrow.  There´s two that are going home early for health problems, so I got the tickets and everything.  
      Also, maldonado and I have another companion, his name´s elder monge from nicaragua, but i´m not sure how much time he´s gonna be with his.  Also Dad happy father´s day! hope it was a good one!  I hope that alysha had a good time at this dance camp.  That´s awesome also about Zuli gutierrez, i´m glad that you were able to talk with her and everything, that was funnny when I read the story.  Anyway, things are going good here, i´ll write you all on Saturday for sure and let you know more about what´s going on.  There was supposedly suppose to be alot of rain and stuff yesterday and today, it just rained in the morning some, but otherwise it´s just been normal today.  Pray for the work here, and for fernando and his family, and also another guy named Gonzalo and his family.  HIs wifes a member, but the rest of them aren´t and so we visited them one time, but we are gonna try and go this week, but the thing is his schedule doesn´t allow us to visit him much, but i´m hoping that we´re able to.  Hope that you all have a good week and take care.  I´m good healthwise, and the work´s going good.
Elder hansen

Saturday, June 9, 2012

I loving hearing how things are from the hansen family. I`m glad that things are going good over there for you.  I`m excited that you have your summer, even though you`ve hard rain and snow and everything, but it`s still good.  I can`t believe Jared`s gonna be a Junior, that`s crazy to think about, and when does alysha go to the high school, after next school year right?  But Àlida is actually getting baptized tonight in an hour.  We should probably get ready to go, haha.  I feel like i`m always running, but it`s good.  Anyway, we talked with her on Sunday, after church, and she said that she wanted to get baptized.  Then we had lesson with her again on this tuesday, and she was saying that she was looking for a good church, and wouldn`t you know it, she found the true one!  So she was excited about that, and she is really smart and everything, she`s 26 and doesn`t have a family or anything, and i guess she broke up with her boyfriend too, because they don`t have the same beliefs and everything, so i thought that was great.  But i`m gonnna baptized her, she asked the bishop to, but he said that he might not make it on time, because he`s in Guate, so she asked one of us 2 to do it.  But i`m excited, and i`ll have to send some pictures.  Did I ever send any of vincent`s baptism?  If not, i`ll have to look for them.  
     Elder Bench`s first name is Kaden, but you don`t need to write the first names if you don`t know them, because i don`t think that there`s 2 gringos that share the same name, only the latinos.  The transfers are on the 19th so in about 10 days, those are always fun, ha, but i think i`m more ready for them.  But Brigham wrote me, and was telling me about that stuff.  I think Elder Bench is about the same, he said that he was stressing out some, but i think if you sent him a package, that just said happy birthday and stuff, then he would like that. Also in the baptism today, we`re gonna sing some baptism songs that are in the primary children`s hymnbook.  I`m really excited for Tess and romney both, that`s great.  
   There are alot of intelligent people and everything in Xela, so I love to mention Uncle Richard, and have people say ^REally he`s your uncle?^ haha, but there was one guy, he`s not a member, that was really interested and said that he would like to go and everything, ha.  
  anyway, I had getter get ready to leave, but I hope that you all have a great week, i`ll have to write jared and mark.  keep praying for juan pablo and his family, and also for a guy named Fernando Ramos-sakchè.  They live in our area, and they live with a bunch of family, in-laws and stuff, but we found them one day, and are hopefully going to have a lesson with them tonight.  But just pray that they can listen and everything and I think that will help.  But love you all, and hope that you have a good rest of the summer too!
Elder hansen

Saturday, June 2, 2012

that`s awesome that you`re all doing good.  I`m excited that you all are out for summer, that`s so great, so enjoy it i guess while you can, haha, but everything here is good.  We`re trying to put more baptismal dates with people, sometimes it`s hard though because we only are able to have like 2 appointments a night, or sometimes even one.  But it`s alright, i`ll send you the newsletter for this month, that i`ve been working on alot.  That`s good that romney`s getting ready to go, it seems just like yesterday when the same was happening to me, but i`ve been over a year since  i first went to the temple.  Tell tessa to get GOING ON HER PAPERS, haha, nah, i`m excited where she`ll get her cool to. 
     That`s awesome that mark got a new job, I bet he`ll love that position, but ya he`ll have to tell me more about it, so I can see exactly what he does.  I think that would be better though, to be in a smaller company, but have higher postion and stuff.  And good job STephanie! I think i would die right now if i tried doing a race like that right now.  we`ve found some new people, but we`ll see how positive they are, there is a girl that came to church and said that she wanted to be baptized.  I think she`s about 24 or something, she`s not married or anything, but hopefully that can work out great for her, and for us as well.  Her name is Àlida perez, so if you could please prayer for her that would be great. and also pray for Juan pablo and his family, because missionaries need to go visit them, we can`t because they live in momos.  But there`s a youth group right now in the office, that we`re going to teach how to be missionaries, so we`ll go show them everything we know, haha. 
Take care family, and I love you all, hope that you have a great start to the summer, and what are your plans?
Elder hansen