Elder Hansen is serving a full time mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints among the people of Quetzaltenango, Guatemala.

Saturday, June 9, 2012

I loving hearing how things are from the hansen family. I`m glad that things are going good over there for you.  I`m excited that you have your summer, even though you`ve hard rain and snow and everything, but it`s still good.  I can`t believe Jared`s gonna be a Junior, that`s crazy to think about, and when does alysha go to the high school, after next school year right?  But Àlida is actually getting baptized tonight in an hour.  We should probably get ready to go, haha.  I feel like i`m always running, but it`s good.  Anyway, we talked with her on Sunday, after church, and she said that she wanted to get baptized.  Then we had lesson with her again on this tuesday, and she was saying that she was looking for a good church, and wouldn`t you know it, she found the true one!  So she was excited about that, and she is really smart and everything, she`s 26 and doesn`t have a family or anything, and i guess she broke up with her boyfriend too, because they don`t have the same beliefs and everything, so i thought that was great.  But i`m gonnna baptized her, she asked the bishop to, but he said that he might not make it on time, because he`s in Guate, so she asked one of us 2 to do it.  But i`m excited, and i`ll have to send some pictures.  Did I ever send any of vincent`s baptism?  If not, i`ll have to look for them.  
     Elder Bench`s first name is Kaden, but you don`t need to write the first names if you don`t know them, because i don`t think that there`s 2 gringos that share the same name, only the latinos.  The transfers are on the 19th so in about 10 days, those are always fun, ha, but i think i`m more ready for them.  But Brigham wrote me, and was telling me about that stuff.  I think Elder Bench is about the same, he said that he was stressing out some, but i think if you sent him a package, that just said happy birthday and stuff, then he would like that. Also in the baptism today, we`re gonna sing some baptism songs that are in the primary children`s hymnbook.  I`m really excited for Tess and romney both, that`s great.  
   There are alot of intelligent people and everything in Xela, so I love to mention Uncle Richard, and have people say ^REally he`s your uncle?^ haha, but there was one guy, he`s not a member, that was really interested and said that he would like to go and everything, ha.  
  anyway, I had getter get ready to leave, but I hope that you all have a great week, i`ll have to write jared and mark.  keep praying for juan pablo and his family, and also for a guy named Fernando Ramos-sakchè.  They live in our area, and they live with a bunch of family, in-laws and stuff, but we found them one day, and are hopefully going to have a lesson with them tonight.  But just pray that they can listen and everything and I think that will help.  But love you all, and hope that you have a good rest of the summer too!
Elder hansen

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