Elder Hansen is serving a full time mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints among the people of Quetzaltenango, Guatemala.

Monday, August 6, 2012

I wrote this saturday, but it looks like it didn´t get sent, here it is, have a good week.
Hey family,
how is everything going?  Sounds like you´re all doing good and healthy.  I´m healthy, every once in a while I wake up and feel like my stomache´s gonna explode, but then after that it goes away, haha, usually it´s something I ate or I Don´t know.  But this week was a good, postive week, and went by pretty fast as well. On tuesday the new missionaries came, and there was 12.  Also, we changed areas.  We actually live in the area we changed to, but we were working in Las Américas, but now we´re working in Panorama, and it´s really good.  We don´t know too many people, but there are two other elders, and one of them was in the area the last two changes, so he´s helping us out. 
   There´s one family, I can´t remember the last name, but they have a son that´s in the pocatello mission, so I thought that was pretty cool.  They said that he knew english before the mission pretty good, but I told his mom that it´s an awesome mission, and that it has two temples!  I don´t think there´s very many missions where there´s two temples!  But everything is going good, there´s not really any investigators, we found one new last night, but other than that we´re kind of starting out fresh, but it´s good, and it´s fun, working there.  
     Also, two of the new missionaries left their luggage in Guate, and so a guy had to bring it up from the capital, but we got to meet him halfway!  The president had some meetings or conferences with the assistents, so he sent us to get it.  And the meeting point was mile marker 102, and I¨m sure jody knows where that is, it´s the restaurant chichoy.  We went there with jody and everything before so I thought that was pretty cool. We bought hot chocolate because that´s what we had when we went with Jody.  But it was pretty cool too, because i met miriam de Cajas, and she was natessa and romney´s math teacher or something when they lived in Guatemala.  And her husband, someone de Cajas, was the bishop of the ward Vista Hermosa there by the temple a little while back, the ward where Richard goes when he´s there.  So we talked for a little bit, she speaks english too, but we all just talked in spanish, but it was cool to meet them.
   I had actually met the guy before, because he works in the CCM, but I never really talked to him.  So we had a fun little time there, bought two little toys for the fairbournes, the couple in the office, and then came back to Xela.  
     On Wednesday the old missionaries left.  One was elder frodsham, who had this job before I did, and one also was elder Bergquist, President bodily´s nephew.  He said he was going to rupert for a family reunion or something, so I told him to stop by our house, but he said he might look for it, haha.  
    You´ll have to send me some photos of the family or something that you´ve taken recently so I can see if you´re all the same or not!  Just send them over the internet because we have good computers here that can process that kind of file!  But we´re excited to work in this new ward, and we have a plan to try and get more referrals from the members and everything.  I hope that you´re all doing good.  Take care and be safe.  You´ll have to give all my nieces and nephew a big hug for me, and all the family.  Also, you should just talk to the DeHut family, that would be good.  I was talking to Elder DeHut about it yesterday.  He said that that´s his mom and stepdad living there.  He was excited to hear it, haha.  Anyway, have a good week, and let me know if there´s anything else new.
Elder Hansen