Elder Hansen is serving a full time mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints among the people of Quetzaltenango, Guatemala.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Hey family,
How is everything going?  Sounds like you´re all doing good.  We went to Momos this saturday witht he assistents and got back about 2 o clock, and so we never got back in the office.  But the baptism was good, I was able to baptize her, and so that was a good experience as well.  We have some pretty positive people right now, we´re hoping that they´re able to progress.  There´s a guy named fernando that is interested and likes it when we come, his only problem is that he can´t really come to church i guess because of his work, but he says if he gets his car put together then he would be able to arrive, or at least to the meeting  of the other ward that shares our same building.  Today are changes, so things get pretty crazy.  There´s 14 missionaries coming in about an hour, and then 21 are leaving tomorrow.  There´s two that are going home early for health problems, so I got the tickets and everything.  
      Also, maldonado and I have another companion, his name´s elder monge from nicaragua, but i´m not sure how much time he´s gonna be with his.  Also Dad happy father´s day! hope it was a good one!  I hope that alysha had a good time at this dance camp.  That´s awesome also about Zuli gutierrez, i´m glad that you were able to talk with her and everything, that was funnny when I read the story.  Anyway, things are going good here, i´ll write you all on Saturday for sure and let you know more about what´s going on.  There was supposedly suppose to be alot of rain and stuff yesterday and today, it just rained in the morning some, but otherwise it´s just been normal today.  Pray for the work here, and for fernando and his family, and also another guy named Gonzalo and his family.  HIs wifes a member, but the rest of them aren´t and so we visited them one time, but we are gonna try and go this week, but the thing is his schedule doesn´t allow us to visit him much, but i´m hoping that we´re able to.  Hope that you all have a good week and take care.  I´m good healthwise, and the work´s going good.
Elder hansen

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