Elder Hansen is serving a full time mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints among the people of Quetzaltenango, Guatemala.

Monday, February 6, 2012

hey family,
sounds like you´re all doing good.  that´s cool that craig got his call that´s exciting and he leaves pretty soon, so that´s great.  But everything this week was good.  esturado, i have no idea what he´s been up to.  We´ve been trying to call him and everything but never answers us or anything.  i think he got scared or something all of a sudden, so it´s been hard, but i guess it´s alright, there´s really nothing much more that we could have done.  but everything´s doing good, elder besendorfer and i are having a good time.  if i have changes it will be on valentine´s day, yes that is a holiday here, but idk if i do or what.  But we had a pretty good lesson last night.  We were talking with this guy named alex, who´s from a place called san juan ixcoy, (ishcoy) but he said that pretty much every church is the same, and that sure the book of mormon´s true, and he believes that joseph smith was a prophet. But it´s one thing to just say that and another to really believe, and feel it, and use your faith to act on the answer.  But then my companion just bore his testmony and in that moment it brought the spirit, and it was obvious that it came in and everythig.  i´m not sure how positive the guy is, but it was cool to have the spirit in that moment.  
    This morning we played ultimate frisby, so that was pretty fun, then we ate at zumba´s, then we came here.  if you want to look up zoomba´s on facebook, you can find it and see what it is and everything, or have mark or somebody look.  We found alot of new investigators in this last week, so i think that we can hold on to them.  one is a family, but we just need to talk with the dad first, that would be alot bettter, haha.  But this area´s pretty fun, the ward members are good, and the ward is really strong.  We bore our testimony´s yesterday, and then three other people including the bishop, thanked us and for what we do, so i felt really special, haha.  There´s this one guy that speaks pretty good english, named alfredo rios, who has a coffee finka, and he just barely started becoming active after like 13 years of being inactive, which is pretty crazy.  But he´s so funny, his wife´s not a member so we went to visit him one day, but his wife hid from us, which is kind of weird, but it´s alright.  And we pretty much shared a lesson with him in english.  But one thing that´s funny, is that one day this guy just decided to plant flowers in the church grounds.  And so he planted some in front, and kind of out back, also.  But he planted types that need to be watered regularly, like every three  days or something, and he doesn´t rain here right now, until idk what month.  So he took his backpack sprayer thing, and watered the flowers from the street, because there´s a fence around the church.  one of those pump sprayers, where you manually pump, haha, so that was pretty funny when i heard that, just this guy watering flowers from like 30 feet away.  But anyway, i´m having a good time, and i´ll let you know if i have changes next week.  But have a good week, let  me know of any new things that happen.
love you all and love,
Elder hansen

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