Elder Hansen is serving a full time mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints among the people of Quetzaltenango, Guatemala.

Monday, January 9, 2012

how is everything going.  That last part about Bowen made me laugh,
haha, that´s awesome.  But send me some pictures of whatever the next
opportunity you get, just send them through email and I´ll figure out
a way to view them, but it should work good.  Anyway, maybe the
package arrived at the mission home, cause I haven´t gotten it yet,
but I´ll let you know next week, because the zone leaders are going to
the mission home this week.  But anyway, ya, i talked to amador almost
every week until about november, and then we just stopped writing, idk
why, but i need to write him again.  And the trek fireside? does that
mean our ward´s goign on the trek?  that would be cool, i never got
the chance to go, but that´s awesome.  Jared´s probably doing great at
basketball, i wish I could see him, but maybe you´ll have to takek
some videos and I´ll be able to see them here in 18 months.  But time
is going by pretty fast.  It might have slowed down just a little
because I´ve been in this area for what feels like an eternity.  But
we are still working hard and everything.  We found a new guy to
teach, but we´ll see if he shows up to the english class.  It´s so
interesting to see the difference between latin´s here and latins in
the states.  Because you can´t really know how someone thinks and
everything until you talk to them in their native language.  But
mostly all the people here are nice.  We just had one time when a
guy´s all I´m Catholic, and then just shut the door, but it´s usually
fun to talk to people.  They always say the same things though,
literally almost exactly, like i´m catholic, it would be playing with
god if I listened to you, I don´t want to go to church so I would be
wasting your time listening to you, I would be lying to you If I told
you to come by some other day and I wasn´t there, I´m usually not in
my house, i´m only here on the weekends so come by another day and
with mucho gusto I´ll receive you, haha.  But it´s alright, it´s just
always the same, haha, but i´m learning alot how to talk with people.
We went yesterday with a member and it was good to learn really how I
can change and talkt o people differently, so that they know that
we´re nice guys.  Oh ya, I said that Romney was coming to this mission
right?  Haha, that would be awesome, but i´m betting that he´s gonna
see shane before he leaves, that would be great for them.
    Jordan Gillete´s pretty funny, i talked to him alot before I left,
and Hés a great guy.  But ya, here, the weather´s pretty much the same
everday.  Some morning´s it gets pretty cold, especially last week,
but then the sun burns everything off, and I´m guessing it´s somewhere
in the 70´s everday, and the air´s pretty dry here.  my companion´s
doing good.  I think he´s going to train the next change, so we´re
trying to get him ready for that.  his spanish has improved, and I
hope that mine has as well.  Yesterday I felt like I needed to improve
my accent so i just began to read like a 5 year old, really
pronouncing everything  carefully and everything, so hopefully that
helps my pronunciation.
   O ya, Eluvia got baptized on Saturday, she asked me to baptize her,
so I did.  her husband said that he wasn´t ready to baptize yet, so
that´s why I ended up baptizing her.  But it was a good service and
then my companion confirmed her on sunday.  Tomorrow a missionary is
leaving from this ward, I feel like we´re pretty good friends, so
we´re going to tell him goodbye today.  He´s going to the dominican
republic, but to fly there, he´s going to SLC first and then to there,
haha.  I told him he might see snow, but sounds like that´s doubtful.
But anyway, thanks for everything fam, i´ll see if i get this package
this week, and the daught of hermana zoila is coming down from SLC, so
if you want me to send anything up with her when she returns, let me
know.  Thanks for 3everything and love you all.
ELder Hansen

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