Elder Hansen is serving a full time mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints among the people of Quetzaltenango, Guatemala.

Monday, January 2, 2012

happy new year 2012

how are you all doing?  This week was pretty good.  I don´t know that nothing new happened.  Only that for new years, at midnight, once again fireworks were blown off, and so I woke up for about fifteen minutes and watched those, they´re pretty cool.  But I think I told you already, that every single day here, all the kids play with fireworks and throw these fireworks that sound like guns going off so sometimes that´s annoying, but it´s good.  Also, this family invited us to come over at midnight to celebrate! haha, but of course we couldn´t go, so they said, ok, we´ll just send it over at midnight, ok I said.  So at 1245, after i went back to bed after the fireworks, I guess the bishop was just pounding on our door yelling happy new year and everything, but we didn´t hear him, we´ll just my comp heard him, but then he called our phone, and so we went to the door and picked up the food.  But it was awesome.  Our fridge had 2 tamales, i had to chuck those because they were smelling, and now we have 2 slices of pizza, and this carne asada, and then apples, walnuts, and grapes, and some ice cream and root beer, so it´s full in the holiday season.  But this week i don´t think we bought any food, except just for the breakfast that we already paid for.  But the members here our awesome.  We´re sincerely trying to work harder with them, cause it´s so much better.  But i´ll give you a run down on who we´re teaching.
    There´s Eluvia, who we´re going to baptize on saturday, so I think my comp will baptize who cause her husband isn´t a priest, and just told his he´s not ready to baptize her, so who knows what that means.  Then also, there´s estuardo, who I think we´re baptizing this week, we just have to confirm with him, but it´s that he went to mexico for a week and a half so we haven´t had contact, but we´ll talk with him to make sure he´s ready.  and then the sister of a member in our ward, and her husband and 2 kids we´re teaching.  But they´re pretty positive. Walter and paola vasquez.  haven´t come to church yet because they had to sell on christmas day, and then saturday night they went to bed at 4 or something, so we went to their house and knocked but they didn´t answer.  And also a brother of some members, but we haven´t talked to him for a while, Walter Gomez, because he also left for the new years.  And also, a story, there´s this guy named victor, saber what his last name is, but usually when we have taught him before, he´s just had huge doubts about why we talk about joseph smith and everything, and we could barely get through any principles teaching him, just because we would have to answer his questions and everything, and it seemed like we would never get through a lesson.  But yesterday his throat was so sore and blocked up or whatever you want to say, so he couldn´t talk.  I took it as a blessing.  So we just began teaching him the first vision and about joseph smith and everything, and that´s what he had the biggest doubt over.  So we were able to teach him that whole lesson over, and it was pretty good actually.  WE´ll see what he says when he´s able to talk.
   But that´s about it for investigators that are positives, and i´ll let you know how the baptism goes.  o also, a guy told us that we´re here as missionaries so that we can avoid being forced to serve in the united states military.  But some people´s theories down here, you just can´t argue, haha.  But thanks, and yes the root beer came in safe and sound.  oh, and tell me about this 15 passenger van, i´m curious. but have a good week family, today´s the start of my fourth change in the mission, and so in 6 weeks, i should have changes.  But love you all, good luck in school and tell everyone hi.
Elder Hansen

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