Elder Hansen is serving a full time mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints among the people of Quetzaltenango, Guatemala.

Monday, December 26, 2011

christmas day

it was good to talk to all of you.  Even though it was just a short period of time, it was good to hear all of your voices and everything, it sounds like your all healthy, so that´s good.  my comp´s from heber city, Elder Besendorfer, so that´s cool that meagan and landon were there and everything.  But how is landon and maegan, I can only imagine the crazy things they do, haha, they funny, but that´s good.  oh ya, what is the 15 passenger van, I had´n´t heard anything about that?  or is it just the bus that grandpa has?  And also, the farm got a sprayer?  wow, thát´s crazy, but what kind of everything.  Anyway, i hope that you guys get some snow soon, it´s always a better winter with snow, or if the weather´s just perfect, thát´s fine too, with me. 
   But maybe this week Eluvia will get baptized, i´m not sure yet, she usually doesn´t like to say too much, but maybe i will have them call you or something, nah, haha, but we´re always trying to work with her.  Sounds like all the extended family is doing good too, so that´s awesome that everyonés good.  But did Richard end up going to the temple dedication? i can´t remember what you told me or wrote me. 
   With this pacakge that´s supposedly coming, i just gave about 50 bucks to the office 400 quetz, and i´m assuming they paid it via credit card or something, but i´m not sure.  I will have to talk with my zone leader, and then with the office.  But actually if you want, maybe you could call the office to make sure,  but i will let you know next week if i talked with them.  I´m not sure what we´re going to do for new years, i´m assuming nothing, but the past 4 days have been pretty slow, and I´m just ready to get past the holidays actually because nobody´s availabe, and nobody really wants visits anyway, haha.  I didn´t think i would ever say that, but ya, i´m just ready for the new year, and then maybe people will have goals that we can help them with.  Also, what is ryan stockin´gs email and david fennell´s.  And also my companion was in david fennell´s district in the mtc, and he knew jeffrey gomez in the ccm, but he was 3 week´s ahead of him.  jare´ds probably awesome at basketball, but just tell him to keep practicing and have fun, you can´t please everyone no matter what you do, so just might as well have fun at it.  But it´s awesome though, just to travel around anyway, and see all the kid´s from different schools.  55555554765  that was elder celus.  But anyway, i´m looking forward to this week.  And i hope that you all have a good one, and everyone be safe driving back.  like i said, elder hansen romney, is coming to this mission, that´s my prophecy, haha, that would be awesome.  in this mission, an elder in my group was trained by a kid in his stake, and they´re in the same grade, so that was pretty funny, so you never know.  Anyway, love you all and happy holidays.
Elder Hansen

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