Elder Hansen is serving a full time mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints among the people of Quetzaltenango, Guatemala.

Monday, December 12, 2011

hay family,
sounds like you all had a busy week, but that´s good.  We had a pretty busy week, too.  We are working as hard as we can.  And i feel like i need to improve on alot of things, but it´s hard sometimes.  But ya, we have investigators and everything.  We challenged a kid who´s 18 to baptism last thursday, but i don´t think he´s giong to be ready, in time for this weekend.  His name is Estuardo and he´s the boyfriend of a member, so sometimes that´s good and bad, haha.  But we will have to visit with him.  Eluvia is going to get married on this friday.  They just barely told me last night, so i need to call the licensiado so that he can get everything set up for them.  The are so many things to do as a trainer.  I´m always calling people and everything, and since my comp can´t really talk yet on the phone, i can barely because it´s hard to talk on the phone in english, it requires some time.  But we are trying to get things organized in our area.  We don´t have a ward mission leader so that´s really great as you can imagine with 2 new gringos.  But we try and have lessons with members, and less actives, but that´s our goal for this week, to have more with less activies, but it´s so hard here to get appointments.  Everyone is always working it seems like, and then of course i only know a few phone numbers here of members, so it´s not like you can call someone to set up an appointment, haha.  But everything´s good i feel like.  I can pretty much understand everything, as long as it´s gospel related of course, haha, but the language isn´t too bad.  my companion is improving as well, and everything´s good I feel like. 
     But everything´s pretty good.  on saturday the 24 i´m going to call you guys in the morning probably at 10 or something so that you have my number, then you can call me back to make sure that the number works.  And then sunday in the afternoon, i will have you call me, or do you think it would be cheaper if i bought a phone card or something?  Idk, but i could buy a phone card and call  you, or you can call me, let me know in next week´s email.   but we only have about 40 minutes on sunday to talk.  And everyone´s going to be ther right?  If not, send me brian or mark´s or marissa´s phone so that i can call them separately for a little bit. 
        As far as good experiences, i haven´t been feeling so well healthwise this week, really nothing big just an upset stomache, i didn´t throw up or anything, so i had my companion give me a blessing, and that was really great and helped me alot.  And then I gave him a blessing, and that helped us a lot I feel like as a companionship.  It´s hard to train though, because everything is so much slower I feel like, but we´re progressing and I learn something new everyday.  But I hope i´m doing a good job, and i´m trying my hardest.  But i read shane´s letter that he sent, probably from last week, that was great when they knocked on that lady´s door and felt the spirit and everything.  We don´t contact too much, just because nobody really is interested, but I have felt guided as I talk to the people, and I just know what to say, and it´s really a good experience.  But also, we are teaching a youth named george in english, so that´s great.  He lived in la for 12 years and is a citizen of the U.S. but his dad got deported so they moved back down here.  But I think that we have had some pretty good lessons with him.  He´s actually going to be gone this whole week, so when big interupptions happen, it´s hard to keep someone focused on the lessons and everything.  But I didn´t really like teaching in english, i think I´m better in spanish, haha. 
     But anyway, the temple dedication was awesome, President uchtdorf spoke at all 3 sessions and it was so good.  He talked about how blessed the country of guatemala is, and he prophesied that many more chapels would be on the hills of guatemala.  Also, in the sessions, they talked alot about how the lamanite people is being blessed, and a lot of cool stories were told actually.  There are some really great members here, and I would love to see the church grow a ton because of the temple, that would be great.  But anyway, I had a good week, and I´m looking forward to this week.  We are going to try and throw fire.  But have a good week, and everyone keep safe, I love you all, and congratulations alysha on the nutcracker.
Elder Hansen
p.s. i had to pay 400 quetz for some package to get from guatemala city due to processing fees so i´m not sure what that means.  maybe there was electronics in it or something.  but it´s alright, not a big deal, It was just really random when i was told i had to do that to get a package.  But anyway, i haven´t gotten a package yet, because here they keep them all until christmas, all that have come in november and december, so i´ll let you know when i get them.

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