Elder Hansen is serving a full time mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints among the people of Quetzaltenango, Guatemala.

Monday, December 19, 2011

Hey family,
how is everything going?  sounds like a good week, it was good for us too.  But first, I wanted to call you guys on saturday so that we could set up everything good for sunday.  But I was planning on calling at around 11 am on saturday, but if you guys aren´t there or if that´s not good for you, then i will call on sunday morning at like 7 or 8 like you said and everything.  But i´m gonna call you on saturday, and then you´ll call me back within 5 minutes just to make sure that the number and everything works and that everything´s good for sunday morning.  And also on saturday i will talk to you to see if it´s better that i use a phone card or what, or actually what would be even better is if you guys bought some saldo or minutes on skype and then called me back at my house.  But either way, wé can talk about it on saturday at about 11 am.  o and also, i´m predicting that you guys have news for me, like someone in the family is having a baby, but that´s my prediction.
    But ya, this week Eluvia got married, it was kind of a weird situation.  The guy who marries people does marriages for free if the person gets baptized within 24 hours.  But eluvia hadn´t decided yet, but the guy who married them didn´t know that, so we got there and he was all what! why aren´t you getting baptized and all this stuff.  But he collects 500 quetz if a person doesn´t get baptized, but he doesn´t want the missionaries to pay for the wedding.  But i told his secretary the day before that eluvia wasn´t going to get baptized till later, but obviously the word never got to him, and plus he changed telephone number so i could get ahold of him.  But anyway, it sounded like he wasn´t going to marry them when we got there, but then everything ended up being fine, and then he told me that he wasn´t going to collect money or anything for the marriage.  But i was really nervous and everything just that he would still marry them!  But if none of this made sense just tell me in the phone call.  And so we put a date with Eluvia for the next wednesday, we had actually put for the 7 of january, but yesterday she´s all can we do it before or after the 7th?  I said we sure can, let´s do it next week, haha, so we put that.  But i think we´re getting prety good investigators.
    I´m not gonna lie, it´s hard to get good investigators here, but í think we´re being blessed.  But one couple named walter and paula jst moved into our ward, and paula is the sister of a guy who is a member with a pony tail, named Byron Xutuc, haha.  But i wish you could know all these people, there are some really funny members here, haha.  But walter and paula are pretty positive. 
But like you said you thought people are poor here, there´s some people that do well in our ward.  But others really don´t have much, just their house, and a few clothes and everything, but they have enough for food for the missionaries.  But the food here is pretty cheap too, but the members are really generous.  Sometimes i don´t know why the people give us food, i feel blessed, but i think it´s because of the faith that they have, that they´re going to be blessed for what the do, and I think that they will be.  i´ll get my packages this thursday if i have any, because we´re going to xela to have a christmas conference as the mission. hae you guys been skiing, that´s one thing i miss right now, butnot too bad.  last night was probably 40 degrees, it was pretty cold.  so that blanket for sure will help, but theré was another thick blanket in the house, so it wasn´t too bad, but now i have 2 sheets and 2 blankets y me aguanto the cold, or i presevere through the cold, haha. 
   o that´s a good idea of what shane said, i don´t know if i read that, but we can offer to do that too.  But we just saw the dedication´s from the church also.  Anyway, i will call you on saturday morning or sunday morning depending on you guys, but good luck with everything this week, and i love you all. 
Elder hansen

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