Elder Hansen is serving a full time mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints among the people of Quetzaltenango, Guatemala.

Monday, December 5, 2011

winter is here!

familia, how are you,
how is everything going for you, sounds like everything´s good for you. Elder Celus los quiere mucho.  anyway, ya, the other night it got pretty cold. I couldn´t fall back asleep cause it was kind of cold, haha, but it´s good.  but that´s cool that aunt jody is there in Guate and everything, when is she coming back.  And maybe we will have a conference or something with president uchtdorf, because he´s coming to dedicate the temple, but idk yet.  We never know alot of things haha, but I like this mission alot for alot of reasons, for example, just being with the latinos and everything is pretty funny.  But it´s really cool, for example, riding in the chicken buses.  That´s how we get everywhere, and all the ´corte´ practically smashed on top of you.  They wear cortes, those skirts that they make from the native material, and they never wash them and everything, but it´s a cool experience.  But everytime i ride to xela, i´ve been there about 6 times since the beginning of my mission, i get so tired, and my ride is spinning a little and everything, just because the bus ride is really curvey and everything, but it´s good. 
    Just the transportation here makes me life, I think that some missinaries wouldn´t be able to take it, haha, but it´s fun.  And also, it´s kind of funny the way things work here.  For example, there´s not really boundaries for the area´s.  there is, but nobody really knows where they´re at, you kind of just guess.  And places like momus the areas are gigantic, like it´s impossible to go from one side to the other in one day.  But places like xela and huehue are pretty normal. 
     Today we went to El Mirador, so that was pretty fun.  We also ate lunch at a chapel, one lady from another area made us lunch.  my companion is from heber city, he´s bigger than me basically, not taller, but wider.  So i don´t think that those clothes will fit him.  But wow i´m tired right now, and preparation days pass really fast, but we work really hard.  There´s been 2 maybe 3 nights where we have come home before 930. Other wise, it´s been more like 920 or 930.  But eluvia´s going to get married the 17th but idk yet about baptism.  SHe´s still thinking, but not really reading or praying i feel like.  But you never know, we´ll see if she accepts that same day to be baptized.  Also, there´s this guy named victor who seemed positive, but then last night I called him and he was drunk, so i don´t know.  We will pass by to seem him tonight.  But i feel sorry for alot of people here, but it´s that they don´t look in the right places.  We can only offer and testify and everything, but you can´t feel too bad if they don´t do anything to help themselves. 
  But for jared, just make sure to use the commas correctly.  With her, you use commas normally, but if the subject changes or if the subject is mentioned again,  between a dependent clause and an independent clause, then you use a comma, but if not, then you don´t.   for example´   jonny went to the store and bought candy.  you wouldn´t use a comma.      but with, jonny went to the store, and he bought candy.  you would.  That´s all i remember from her. 
     did i say already i watched the christmas devotional.  But in spanish, but i think i understood most of it.  it was really good.  but anyway, on christmas day i think i´m going to call the house.  But the president says just for 45 minutes, so we´ll see how that goes.  idk if i´m gonna be able to do it in that time, but i hope, so have ready what you want to say.  i´ll let you know how the dedication and everything goes, this week should be good, so i´m excited.  But my compaion´s good, and his spansih has already improved and so has mine.  But have a good week family and good luck with everything.  I love you all, and always have you in my prayers and everything. 
Elder Hansen

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