Elder Hansen is serving a full time mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints among the people of Quetzaltenango, Guatemala.

Monday, November 28, 2011

thankful for thanksgiving.

hey que pasó,
no, hey family how is everything going, sounds like for the most part it´s good.  More than anything, i went to a baby shower because i became a father.  In mission terms it´s training.  So my son is from heber city utah, and i went to xela on tuesday to pick him up.  He was the only white person that came in, at least in the elders, brand new, so i´m the only gringo training a gringo.  So that´s pretty hard, but everything is better than i thought it would be.  I feel like i can understand a lot more things now, and my spanish already has improved in this week.  Therés still alot of stuff that i need to work on in the language, there´s so much that´s involved, but i´m working hard on that.  But i was nervous at first just to talk to people and everything, but now it´s good.  But i hopw that everything goes well with that. 
  But like i said we ate with this owner of a restaurant and his wife is from the states and doesn´t really speak spanish.  But almost all the elders from the 2 zones went and ate, so at least 30 or 34 of us went.  It was so good, seriously, we had everything and more.  There was stuffing, sweet potatoes witht he cooked marshmallows on top, potatoes, etc.  pumpkin pie with eggnog, and i ate till i couldn´t anymore.  So we had a similar experience i feel like.  But i´ll have to send some pictures the next week.  I´ll have to watch for aunt jody i guess, haha, that´s cool that she and kathy are coming down.  ya, just let me know about richard.  oh also, my companion met jeffrey gomez in the mtc, so that´s pretty cool, i´ll have to look at the pictures that he has of him. And also, you can look on the ccm website and see my companion if you want, his name is Elder Besendorfer.  nobody here can say it pretty much, but he´s a good kid and he likes to work hard, so that´s good.  my driver´s license doesn´t expire until 2012 so don´t worry, but i think you can renew it now if you want, but it´s no big deal, because lonly the secretaries have one car.  So there are 2 cars in the mission, on e of the presiden´t and the other just for one pair of secretaries so the chance to drive for me is like 1 percent pretty much or less.
   BTw, Eluvia said that she and julio would get married by the next weekend, so that´s good and exciting, and then after that we´re hoping that she makes the choice to get baptized.  last night we taught her with this member that´s like 23 and it was a great lesson.  I learned so much from him helping us teach, and he helped bring the spirit alot in the lesson. 
the package hasn´t come yet, but don´t worry, and i´m doing good with everything, so don´t worry bout sending me stuff, everything´s good.  i´ll have to take a picture of our tree, also.  it´s pretty cold today, i would say like 55 degress or something, and can you send me the math equation on how to change farenheit to celsius, it´s bothering that i don´t know how cold it is here.  But that´s awesome that jared´s doing good with basketball, i hope everything goes well with him this weekend.
     yesterday i spoke in church.  i was a little bit nervous at first, but during it i wasn´t nervous at all.  it went good, i spoke about the book of mormon and just that it´s necessary that we have it so we can recognize what church is true.  i´m sure it wasn´t that great in spansih haha, but i thought it went well.  and just when i think that I know what i´m doing, something happens where I realize i need to learn a ton still, so i´m just doing my best, and it´s hard, but I know it´s always worth it.  Tell alysha good luck with the nutcracker, she´ll do great when the time comes.  Thanks for everything family, and i´l send some pictures the next week.  I love you all and thanks for your support and for your love.
Elder Hansen

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