Elder Hansen is serving a full time mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints among the people of Quetzaltenango, Guatemala.

Monday, November 7, 2011

Love you, and give my greetings to everyone.

Hey family,
sounds like everything is going good at home.  Happy anniversary mom and dad on Friday?  I hope that everything goes all with that.  it will be 11-11-11 so that´s awesome.  I wish i could buy you a gift or something, but that´s alright, i´m sure that the rest of the children can manage.  Bowen makes me laugh, haha, i can just imagine him doing all that, so that´s good.  The work this week was pretty slow it seemed like.  I don´t know why, it´s just like that sometimes, but i hope this week will go better.  In our district i think there´s like 10 all elders, and in the zone there´s about 22 or so, with 4 sisters in the other district.  IN the mission i think there´s about 200.  The mission president´s good, he´s awesome, and before i came to the field i thought he would act all strict and be uptight, or perfectionist or whatever, but he is really cool.  He understands everything and he knows what the mission´s all about, so i´m excited to see how the mission changes in the next couple months.  President Lewis Bautista is his name, i forgot his wife´s name, but i think they´re from minnessotta, and he served in uruguay on his mission back in the day, he´s 63. 
   The weather here right now is like fall pretty much.  But it´s weird cause it does get pretty cold in the late night and more cold in the morning, but in the day it´s actually hotter than before.  I like it though, the air always feels good.  But it hasn´t rained for more than 2 weeks.  I don´t think it´s going to rain until april or something like that, cause it´s the dry season.  Elder Rodriguez is doing good.  I think we have changes on the 22nd, so i´m pretty sure we´re getting changed out, but they´ll let us know in a couple weeks.  On saturday we´re planning on going to the open house in the temple with the ward.  I´ll have to take pictures and send them to you, I heard it´s awesome on the inside.  
   Keep me updated on your cousin´s son, and when he´s coming and everything, that´s cool.  This mission´s great, and I know I haven´t even seen the start of it yet.  I´m proud of jared and glad that his was able to get his eagle, i´m sure it was great.  I hope everything goes well with him also this week for the basketball tryouts.  I remember how nervous and everything i was for mine, but just tell him to relax and have fun.  If he doesn´t make it he can ski all winter, but I think he has a pretty good shot at the team.   Wow, that´s crazy that shane already has a date to come home, that seems like a long time away, though, still, but i know it wil fly by. 
   Where is dad going this week, idk if you told me.  But this week, we have to progress an investigator named Eluvia.  She isn´t married to her boyfriend, they´re just called esposos here anyway, but they have a kid.  And her brother in law is named Neri Recinos and he lived in twin falls for a couple years, a couple years ago.  But we´ll see what happpens this week.  I´m trying to send this pictures but these computers don´t like to work sometimes.  Anyway, there´s some little things down here that are different in the church, for example.  A lot of men don´t know how to do ordanances, because for the confirmations they called rogelio and amilcar, 'hermano rogelio, etc.' so they have confirmed a lot of members with the name hermano or hermana, haha.  But i think that it´s understandable.  anwyay, i love you all and hope that you have a good week.  Thanks for everything, and i don´t really need anything specific in the packages mom, so thanks for sending those and everything.  Love you, and give my greetings to everyone. 
Elder Hansen

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