Elder Hansen is serving a full time mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints among the people of Quetzaltenango, Guatemala.

Monday, November 14, 2011

Another week in the mission!

Hey family,
how is everything going back home, sounds pretty good, yet pretty sad at the same time.  I can´t believe that derek walker died.  That´s probably on eof the biggest shocks ever, and really random as well.  We were pretty good friends in elementary and middle school and everything.  After they moved we just kind of kept in touch with facebook and everything, but every time we saw each other we always talked and everything because we were friends.  But i can´t believe that, but what a tragedy, seriously.  I think that he´s been out for about a year in last september.  But wow, if you talk to their family, tell them that i feel really bad and am sorry.  They are really good people, seriously, and I always enjoyed talking to them and everything. 
    Hey, did jared have tryouts for basketball and if so how did those go?  and hope that all the practices with alysha are going well. This week we did go to the temple open house.  I´m trying to send some pictures but it´s not working too good right now. It was good though.  Ít´s kind of small, but it´s really nice inside.  There are alot of mayan symobls and everything and it reminded me alot of the twin falls temple actually.  But the baptismal font is right in front of the door.  We had some investigators go, including eluvia, and they liked it alot.  Idk about Eluvia, i think she´s progressing pretty good, it´s just hard to teach a good lesson with her.  But she´s pretty much married, they just need to have a ceremony, haha.  We found some other investigators too, but they´re not seeming too positive right now. 
     That´s cool about that guy that joined the church in the acequia 2nd ward.  If people read the book of mormon, usually they get baptized here.  But if they read it with real intent and everything, they´ll for sure get baptized, it´s just alot of people don´t know what they can find in it, and why it´s important.  I love explaining what the book of mormon is, and we explained to Eluvia that the profets who wrote it and stuff are her ancestors.  But she speaks mum too, haha, so that´s pretty cool.  We haven´t heard her speak it , but she teaches it.  It´s cool that people here just know other languages.  Rogelio knows like 3 languages, and then Alrio knows 5.  But he acdtually moved to Barillas supposedly and we haven´t heard from him for 2 months.  Anyway, the language is coming little by little.  Any extra time i have, i just read in the ensigns or in teachings of the prophets in spanjish, and i think that has helped.  But it´s still hard to express myself.  For the most part i understand everything.  Sometimes it gets confusing like who talked to who, or what happened with what, but it´s alright.  I´m getting alot of different vocab for my companion because he always tells stories.  his dad´s a butcher, and so it´s hard to understand when he talks about how to cut the meat and everything off a cow, and random stuff like that.  But anyway, i think that those pictures sent, and i hope that all of you have a good week.  Don´t worry mom, i´m always cautious and my companion is great to have because he knows all about what is safe and stuff like that.  So don´t worry, and everything is good here.  I know things like that can make you wonder what could happen, but this mission is pretty safe, and so it´s good.  But anyway, i love you all, and thanks for everything.  i don´t need any other addresses or anything like that.   
Elder Hansen
BTw, last p day i learned how to make kites, so we made some and i didn´t even get to fly mine, cause it got stuck in a tree, m`y compaion´s fault, ahha, but it was cool anywya.  <It was so windy, and it was on top of our house where we flew them.  Anway, love you all.  BTw, that would be a great date idea for jared or someone in the future, haha. 

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