Elder Hansen is serving a full time mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints among the people of Quetzaltenango, Guatemala.

Monday, November 21, 2011

Thanksgiving just around the corner

how is everything going.  Que Calidad that Grandpa went to El Mirador.  That´s awesome. that´s great.  Ya, they should have come on over to xela to go through the temple.  It´s pretty cool.  You got the pictures right?  But when my camera gets full here in a few months i´ll put all my pictures on a cd or 2 and mail them up to you, that way you can have all of them.  But anyway, everything´s going good here.  But6 ya, i´ll try and send a message to that email tha tyou gave me.  Thlat´s awesome that Jared made the team, I knew he would, he´s going to have fun.  Just tell him to not stress too much, but enjoy it.  Who are the coaches this year?  But when is the nutcracker, you´ll havfe to ltake pictures and everything of course for me.  I didn´t get your package yet, but don´t worry.  There´s this guy named Enriques that used to live in the states, and he pretty much speaks fluent english.  Anyway, he owns a restaurant that all the missionaries in the 2 zones go to every p day. We only went twice just because we eat with members, but it´s pretty good food.  But anyway, he´s having a huge lunch for thanksgiving today at his house, only for the missionaries.  So that´s awesome, it´s going to be just like a dinner in the US, because he knows all about it and I think he´s rich, at least for here, so that will be good.  I´ll have to take some pictures.  But i´m sending some pictures today. 
This weekend was the stake conference, and the  broadcast from salt lake for all of Guatemala and parts of belize.  It was awesome.  Elder Holland spoke, and he gave his testimony in spanish!  haha, it was awesome though and really powerful.  But at the beginning he started off in spanish also, but his pronunciation was bad, ha, but it was understandable.  He was all, sería mas facíl si yo empezzzzo hablar en ingles, and everything, but it was good.  Also Elder Clarke spoke about pride and spending money wisely, mary cook spoke about the book of mormon and how we should study it, and then Elder uchtdorf spoke about tithing and about how we should study always, and that temples minimize the power of satan on earth, so that was awesome.
   But this week we did quite a bit of service, splitting wood, so i sent a picture of that.  The wife of rogelio is looking more positive, i hope in this change she can receive personal revelation.  Rogelio probably will become an apostle.  He is really a strong person, and hows one of the strongest testimonies that I have seen.  But he went to the temple, and wanted to know everything about it, how to get there, what to do, and everything to go.  so we explained some stuff, but it was awesome.  anyway, we have some really awesome lessons with his family.  the president of the mission sent him some brand new scriptures, so he was excited about that.  But there´s this other guy named Alan and his brother Erik who we taught last night.  theyr pretty positive, and Alan told us that he thinks the church is true, so i told them that somebody from his family will probably try and have him doubt, i hope not, but we´ll see how that goes.  anyway family, this week was good.  Is richard still planning on coming to the dedication?  ¨The place where the celebration is going to be is actually pretty small, because this other place wanted like 120,000 quetz to rent it for the celebration so that parts not going to be that big, but we´ll be able to watch it all and everything.  But anyway, we have changes tomorrow and Elder Rodriguez is leaving.  Idk where he´s going yet, but i´m staying here and i went to a baby shower with a couple of other missionaries this last friday, so ask mark or brian what that means in mission terms.  anyway, i hope that you all have a good week, and hope that you get my pictures.  Have a good thanksgiving and tell everyone hi for me.  But I thought jeffrey spoke spanish already? hhaa, why did he go to both mtc's?  but anyway he´s awesome.  And no the missionaries don´t work at the temple or anything, only the sisters from here and the retaluleu mission, but we were guides for the video part and everythign but only for one time.  So no, we didn´t work there, but anyway, have a good week and I love you all, i´ll let you know how this week goes and who my other companion is. 
Elder Hansen

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