Elder Hansen is serving a full time mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints among the people of Quetzaltenango, Guatemala.

Monday, October 31, 2011

Great week.

Hey family,
we had a great week.  I´ll tell you about it later on.  But that´s awesome that jared´s gettin his eagle.  I told him last week how great that was, because alot of kids in their lives don´t do much, don´t have goals, but that´s aweoms that he worked towards that and got it.  I am getting the third package on wednesday cause i know the zls have it.  But thanks for that, and like i said, don´t worry about the speed or anything of them getting down here, because they come fast.    Also, i don´t need anymore email addresses i don´t think, maybe garret mackay´s i don´t think i have his.  BTW we get an hour to write, so usually i have time to write to 2 or 3 friends or siblings. 
   This is my normal schedule, wake up at 630, exercise then get ready and at 730 have personal study, then at 830 we eat.  Then at 9 we have companionship study for 2 hours, because with the new traininig program, the greenis and trainers have 2 hours.  then we proselyte or whatever, if we have appointments it´s better, or we contact.  And then at 1 we eat lunch with a memb er everyday, then at 2 we have language study for an hour.  Then at 3 and onward we proselyte, and usually everyday we have 2 or 3 firm apointments, and the rest we visit inactives or members or other investigators that we don´t have an appointment with. Then we come back at 9 or 930, more like 930, and plan and eat.  We never eat dinner until we come back, which i like, because it gives us alot more time to proselyte and everything.  usually i just have like a ramen noodles or cereal for dinner. 
    But my apartments one of the nicest in the mission.  The bed is just fine, i´m pretty comfortable on it, and i don´t really wake up sore.  i take meltonin now because i just wanted to see if it worked, there was just a bottle in the apartment with like 20 pills, but i think that´s helping me sleep better, not that i wasnt before, but i think it helps, haha.  But at first i hated the apartment and everything, but now it´s pretty much home, so it´s good.  Also, moemoes tenango, an area in our mission, has the worst living conditions in central america for missionaries, so i feel fortunate now, haha. 
   That´s great that you went to the temple mom and dad.  I think we´re going to the open house on the 12th, we just have to bring 10 investigators, but the ward will pay for their passage and everything.  But some of those 10 can be R.C. so we should be able to go.  Changes are on the 20th so i may be able to go to the temple open house twice because the wards also going on the 22nd, so i´ll see what happens.  But the dedication noone has told us anything about that.  I´m thinking that we´ll just watch it from our chapel or st5ake hosue or something. 
   Anyway, i´m sending some pictures of the baptisms we had.  Ya, this week we had two baptisms!  That was great.  And remember how i said that the president came to an appointment with rogelio, he also came to the baptism.  I think that´s pretty rare to have the president go to a baptism.  It was a great service.  We were a little worried about Amilcar, the 17 year old kid that got baptized, because he smoked and drank a little and just had terrible friends.  We acdtually didn´t want to baptize him, cause we didn´t think he was ready, but he told us that he wanted to be baptized, and he actually changed a ton, you could just see it in him, and when you talk to him, how much he changed.  he´s still kind of a punk, haha, but that´s alright.  i´m pretty sure i told you about his family in the last letter, and that they live in the middle of the forest, but that´s alright.  Anywya, rogelio gave his testmiony and it was really strong.  He said he was just thinking one night or something about if god really existed.  And when he thoughtj that he just prayed really hard, and then felt the spirit tell him and testify overwhelmingly to him of the love of God and that these thing were true. It was a great testimony.  o, also, i baptized rogelio and Elder Rodriguez baptized amilcar. 
   As a missionary, i feel different than what i thought, because really we don´t do much.  Or in other words, we are always working hard, but if the investigator doesn´t want to change, they won´t we can´t force anyone to change.  Mostly, it´s up to the investigator, and in the case of rogelio, he searched long and hard, and pretty much had the book of mormon for 20 years, so he´s been on a long journey. Just as a missionary, we can be obedient and work hard, but it´s up to the investigator to choose.  It´s great though to see people change their lives, and it´s almost hard to believe.  It was a great week though.  Thanks for writing and i hope that everything goes well.   love you all and good luck with everything.
Elder Hansen

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