Elder Hansen is serving a full time mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints among the people of Quetzaltenango, Guatemala.

Thursday, October 27, 2011


hey mom and family,
thanks for writing, sounds like everything´s going good at home.    The apartment is nice, we actually have two bathrooms so that´s great, but still no warm water, but it´s no problem. Also, the water here runs out sometimes because all the water comes from like a spring or something, but comes to all the houses in tubes.  The tubes are no more than an inch thickk, but there´s got to be about 10 million miles of it here.  Alot of times, they´re not even covered, the tubes are just on the ground, so it´s sketchy.  But if a tube breaks somewhere up the line, then that part of the people doesn´t get water, so that´s why sometimes it runs out.  I think it comes like once a week or something, and every single house has a tank on top, i´ll have to take a picture and send it.  i´m sending some pictures now, of an overlook of a part of hue hue, and then me and my companion when we went to el mirador.  It´s kind of a weird picture with the flowers and the fog and everything, ahhaha, but don´t judge, i think it´s awesome haha.  My companion´s pretty funny, it´s just alot of times i don´t understand his stories, but that´s alright haha.  I usually have him tell them again until i can understand them.  I am also trying to help him with english and i think that´s going alright.  Alright, there´s another elder in my district from utah, but he´s half mexican so that´s why he looks brown, but he didn´t speak spanish before the mish  Where is colton homer ghoing again? That´s awesome that he´s going, i hope he has a good time. 
Also, i haven´t seen my zone leaders for about two weeks, and they´re the ones who get the packages and everything from xela, so i think i might get a package today, just in time for my birthday, that would be great.  Our bishops pretty awesome, he told me to come over tomorrow night for some cake and everything, so we´ll do that.  personally i don´t like to make a big deal out of that stuff for myself, ahha, you know me, but i really want cake. i think my comp told him cause he wants cake haha, nah it´s great though.   i remember is the good times just driving you around in the car, haha, and asking for your advice in everything.  That´s what i try and think of whenever things are difficult, just thinking how you and dad would have me do things.  I was a pretty impatient child i feel like, but thanks for having patience and faith in me. 
  I feel like my spanish will always be bad.  I think it´s an illusion though, cause that will help keep me pushing to improve my spanish.  I hear about 100 new words everyday, and try and write as many as i can.  Also, i think it would be wrong to try and bribe people to come to the open house, but i really want to go. at the ccm, one senior coupe that was there told me that they went through and there´s mayan designs and everything, it´s really cultural i guess. i also just wanted to ask, are there garments that i spandex? when you have some time, just ask about that.  also, my comp in the mtc elder bench, told me that his mom died.  i couldn´t even believe it, and i felt awful and didn´t know what to say.  He stayed on the mission though, and saw his mom´s funeral through skype or something, which i guess is the first time ever that a missionary´s done that.  I hope he´s doing better, he seemed pretty down when i saw him like 2 and a half weeks ago.  i was just wondering if there´s something you could do for his family, like send something, idk.  But let me know what you think, and maybe i´ll get his home address.  But it just helps me appriciate my parents and all they´ve done for me so thanks. 
We have an investigator, Rogelio, who may be baptzied, it´s just his wife is really cathlic, but we´re hopeing for him.  And mirna said she doesn´t want to be baptized yet, so we have no idea when she´ll be ready yet.  Other than that, the works going pretty good. I think that´s about it for this week, and i look forward to your letter next week.  Good luck with the harvest. i´ll be doing my part here.
Elder Hansen

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