Elder Hansen is serving a full time mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints among the people of Quetzaltenango, Guatemala.

Monday, October 10, 2011

I Love Guatemala

Hey fam, what´s going on,
it's good to hear from you.  For dad, sounds like the harvest is going good, but i hope that all will go well with that.  Hope that the weather will allow you to finish and everything.  I can´t even imagine that there´s snow, because here, the weather´s always exactly the same basically.  Maybe try and send me a picture of the new  tractors you got too, if you can, or if not, just wait till mark comes up or brian and they´ll do it for you.  I was actually thinking of brian the other day and how hard czech must have been for him, or for anyone.  spanish, alot of words are the same, and it´s easier to understand then talk, but czech, i can´t even imagine, but he´s way sharp so i´m trying to follow his and marks´example.   Mom, i´m jealous that you´re going to grandma camp, that´s awesome, though, ahha.  And when you say that you are having withdrawals, can you imagine my withdrawals, haha.  nah, it gets better as it goes, so i know that you´re taking care of my sobrinos, (nephews, but not necessarily masculine, it´s like hermanos is for siblings), and that their favorite uncle will be returning in a few short 21 months.  But anyway, this week was great, guess what, we had two baptisms!  One girl named gabriela is nine years old, and her mom is mirna, so hopefully mirna follws next, and then a man named Alrio.  He´s 70 years old, and is alone, and lives in the house of his nephew who said if he got baptized he would kick him out, so we´ll see how that goes this week.  We´re going to visit him tonight, and bring him to a fhe, so if he has any problems, he´ll let us know. I baptized alirio because he asked me to, and then Elder Rodgriguez baptized Gabriela, it was a good experience.  Also, for the baptismal font, we had to fill it up before, so it got filled pretty good, but then the water ran out.  It does that here, i´ll explain later, so it was raining and we figured that was a blessing from Heaven, so we got the garbage can and the mop bucket and filled it with water running off the roof, and then dumped it into the font. I love Guatemala, we told the bishop after and he just laughed haha.  But don´t worry it was sanitory, it´s better than baptizing in a river or something. the water was pretty cold, but everything was alright. 
    I´m sending some pictures and a video of the house.  Today, as a district,  we went to El mirador, or a spot on top of a mountain, so that´s where a few of the pictures are.  and also, i´m sending some of the baptism as well, there was another girl that got baptized but she´s a written member so her dad baptized her, that was good too.  About our ward, it´s great.  It´s pretty much normal there´s about 150 members that attend each week, or less depending, but it´s great for missionary work.  The bishop is awesome, and is really responsible and everything.  I just feel kind of like a member of the congregation, and no i haven´t talked yet, and usually for fast sunday, we just give time for the members to talk.   we have amission leader, and ward missionaries that help us too, so all of that funtions pretty good. i asked my comp about halloween. and they don´t have it i´m pretty sure, but i think they celebrate day of the dead on the 2 and 3 of november, but i´m not actually sure, so i´ll let you know when it happens.
  i don´t feel that old, so i can´t believe i´m turning 20, also that´s awesome about colton homer, where´s he going again?  let me know how everything goes this week, and thanks a bunch mom for everything you do, i´m looking forward to the package.  Life here is just normal, and i usually forget i´m in a different country altogether.  Lovew you all, and tell everyone hi for me, i´m praying for you all and hope you´re doing the same.
Elder Hansen

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