Elder Hansen is serving a full time mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints among the people of Quetzaltenango, Guatemala.

Monday, October 3, 2011

October 3

Hey family,
it´s good to hear from you.  Conference was great.  We watched it at the stake cent, Brasilia, in english.  And i watche dwith 6 other north americans.  It was way good.  I liked elder cook´s talk too, and elderHales, i think, where they t5alked about God knows the intent of your heart, and he´s always on our side, so it doesn´t matter what else happens, as long as we´re trying our hardest.  I really liked those.  It was fun, it really was like the super bowl, probably better actually, cause it was sort of a vacation day, so it was good.  We watched all 5 sessions, it was great. I have a picture, so i´ll try and send that, i hate these computers though.  We use them at an internet cafe, and they´re pretty good, it´s just hard to send pictures and everything.  Everything here is going good though. The daughter of mirna and this other guy might get baptized this week, so i´ll let you know how that goes.  Alriro, the other guy, is 70, and is kind of senile, but i think hearing the missionary discussions has helped him.
  Our apartment is pretty nice i feel like.  It has a stove and microwave and sink and everything, but the stove doesn´t really boil water, cause it doesn´t get hot enough, but it´s all good.  It has two bathrooms, which makes it nice, but i´ve been taking a cold shower for more than 2 weeks, cause the heater thing on top of the shower burnt up, and then the mission hasn´t bought a new one yet, and all this. It´s good though, i actually think that i burnt it up because nobody told me how to use it, but that´s alright haha, i´m paying the price now.  oh ya, on my fb page, i meant write that i am able to email anybody i want, because the mail here is so bad the president said that we could.  In most missions, they can only email family, and write letter to everyone else, so that´why. But what is the email of cheri and romney, so i can email them next week, o and also the email address of natessa. 
  i saw a picture of malea the other day, haha, what a cutie, but i´m sure she´s growing up fast.  Sounds like all is going good at home, and that harvest is good as well.  I hope bowen and hallie get feeling better, that´s no fun to be sick, haha. But i haven´t really been sick here, the food hasn´t affected my stomache as much as i expected so that´s good.  The language is going good too, i´ve realized i will never be able to speak perfect spanish like i thought, haha, but i´m still gonna work hard at that.  my comp aqt the ccm was named preston Deuel, so if you have time or whatever to look him up, that would be good.  usually on p day, we play football right after email, so we´re going to do that in a little bit.  I ´ll try and send pic tures, idk when, but ya, it´s probaly better just to mail me hard copies, i think that would work better.  Thanks for everything family, and you´re always in my prayers. it´s fun serving,  We have choppped wood, and last night we pushed out a car that got stuck in the middle of the street, because the roads have huge pot holes in them, kso that was fun..  one more email, Garrett Mackay´s haha.  I´ll try and write more next week, as well as send pictures, it´s just hard to get them on here and everything.  i´m working hard, and it gave me comfort to know that my whole family was together watching conference at exactly the same time as me and feeling the same feelings that i was.
Elder Hansen

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