Elder Hansen is serving a full time mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints among the people of Quetzaltenango, Guatemala.

Monday, September 26, 2011

September 26

Hey family,
how is everything going.  This week was good.  Noone got baptized, it was just too quick for this lady named Mirna, but i think later she will be ready.  This week was good, it flew by pretty quick.  That´s awesome that dad got a new pickup, hope all goes well with that, haha.i´m excited for jeffrey.  That´s awesome that he´s serving, and it´s hard, but i think a mission is the only place we can grow this fast spiritually. I also am looking forward to general conference.  It´s going to be great, i know it. 
Happy birthday, btw, mom and alysha, i forget the dates, one is on the 25th I think.  But hope all was well with that, and that you both had a good birthday.  The same goes with Romney and uncle Gary, I didn´t know his birthday was in september.  Sounds like Jared and Alysha are doing good, so that´s good for them.  I heard about the crash with the semi truck, that´s too bad, i feel bad about that.  I feel like right now for language, my spanish is bad, and my english is worsening, so i can´t wait for the day that i understand better and speak better, but i know this stage is necessary to improve.  This week was pretty good though, as far as that goes. 
  Also, can you send me some pictures that i took at mirador, and just some pictures of a tractor or combine or something, so i can print them off and show them to whoever wants to see them.  Also, mom, did you change my facebook page that has my addresses to say that anyone can e'mail me? If not,when you have time, just change that if you would.  That´s so funny that britanny is in the same ward as brianna, and also that´s cool that she got a new car, i wish i could see it.  i don´t think i have much else to say, but that i´m trying, sincerely, as hard as i can.  I know that the Lord will bless me, and it´s sometimes hard to see those blessings, now and later, but i have a testimony of this.  I´m trying to change and be better in everything to be more christ like.  a mission helps you realize your weaknesses though, haha, so that´s good i guess.  i´m trying to love the people, and i have felt this love for them.  Thanks for everything, and i´lll try and send some pictures to yáll.  Btw we eat lunch with memebers every day, so that´s great.  Thanks for all, and have a great week, i look forward to reading your email next time.
Love, your elder
Elder Hansen

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