Elder Hansen is serving a full time mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints among the people of Quetzaltenango, Guatemala.

Monday, September 12, 2011


Hey family, how is everythinjhg going.
This week was pretty good.  My pday is monday, the food here is amazing, and I haven't had a sketchy meal yet.  Our ward is so good, so we eat lunch at a member's house everday.  We eat breakfast with a lady named zoila vasquez, the bishops mom, but we pay her monthly for breakfast and for rent.  This morning we had hot chocolate that was so stinkin' good, probably the best i've had, haha.  But the apartment where we live is on the 2nd floor more or less, it's different because the streets are up and down and everywhere pretty much here, so basically is on the 2nd floor, and the building i think is four floors.  The city here is kind of similar to guatemala city it seems like.  Just hilly, and cement like houses everywhere,  But most of the houses we have been in are decent, and aren't dirt poor.  I don't really know what people do for work, just the normal stuff i guess.  IN the area where i'm at, its all city, and it's not a huge area, so we haven't ridden buses everywhere, we just walk.  I'll have to ask someone if they know where santa eulalia is.  That's cool that it's pretty close, and also I think Barrias is close, or whatever it's called where Ramos was from.  But that might be closed to missionaries because it's dangerous, idk.  Things here are really mild though, at least where i'm out, because there's never any incidents, or drug people, or anything that we have run into.  Idk of anyone that's been robbed here either haha.  In the ward i'm at there's like 4 missionaries serving from that ward, and 3 more got there calls this past week, so they are a strong ward.  I think the hardest thing about the language is just trying to understand the members and stuff when we're at their house eating and stuff.  And also, i have a hard time remembering alot of people's names, because i'm not use to them, so i'm working on that.  I hope we have a baptism soon, i feel like we might.  There's this one youth named jordy that could be baptized, another older lady name Mirna, and maybe another kid named Margarito, but who knows.  Anyone, we're working hard, and i'm starting to enjoy it more and more.  It seems like my eyes are opened everyday, because at first when i came here, it's just surreal because everything is so new and stuff, but now i'm starting to get more used to it so it's good.  that's so funny that they call jared bruce junior, haha, It seem sweird to hear my name, cause i don't feel like a bruce anymore, elder hansen is just normal now, haha. It's great though, I hope all goes well with marissa and the baby, and especially with aunt colleen, tell her sienta mejor, from Bruce.  I hope all goes well this week, and give everyone my best.  Also, could you do me a favor, if you don't have time it's alright, but  i want the emails for ferny, kris, and Zach, and bryce, just because now i can e'mail them,and i 'm not sure what their email is exactly.  Thanks for everything, and have a good week.  Thanks for the prayers.  Love you all, good luck with harvest.
Elder Hansen

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