Elder Hansen is serving a full time mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints among the people of Quetzaltenango, Guatemala.

Monday, September 19, 2011


Hey family,
how´s everything goind.  Right now i´m trying to send my pictures, but none of these adaptors are working, and i brought the wrong adaptor, fr my camera, which isn´t a problem, because i can use other stuff, but it would just be easier witht he adaptor.  I talked to alysha about her part for clara, that´s so awesome, and i´m proud.  Who did jared go with to the football game?  and i´ve realized how much you helped me mom growing up and everything, so thanks for being such a great mom, your family´s successful because of you.  I also do have brigham´s address, he sent it to me, so i´ll try and write him, i bet he´s doing pretty good.  thanks for keeping me up to date with the family and stuff, i love hearing all that, even though i don´t have time to reply to all of it.  i hope brianna´s doing good, is she dating anyone yet? haha.  Also, me and my comp can go to the temple open house if we get 10 investigadors so we´re trying to invite everyone we can.  This week flew by it seems like, or at least time is going by faster, and everyone night, i can´t believe it´s night already, so that´s good.  The hardest thing for me is eating with the members sometimes, and that´s only because they talk to me and i don´t know what they´re saying alot of the time so i feel bad, like i´m shunning them or something, haha, but i think they all understand.  I just try and be happy all the time, and that´s the best  solution. 
My companion´s great, he´s so friendly to everyone, and he loves talking to people.  Also, it seems like he has an answer for every question, so i´m trying to learn all that i can from him, especially how to talk to people, how to get return dates, how to interact basically.  He´s good at those kinds of things, and at not being intimidated by other people, that´s mostly probably cause he speaks spanish though, haha.   he´s a funny elder though, and that´s funner than being with someone that´s dead serious, but he is also serious when it comes to the gospel and those kinds of things.  Mirna said she wants to be baptized, but said this saturday is too soon for her, but we´ll see today when we meet with her.  She also has a daughter who´s nine, and she said she would be baptized as well, so hopefully that works out, otherwise we may have to wait two weeks for them to baptized, after general conference, so we´ll try and work that out. 
There are some funny sayings here, like if somone doens´t know an answer to a question they just say  saber´ which means to know, but translated as who knows i guess, and que le vaya bien, which is travel safely basically, everyone says it, and of course provecho for meals and everything.  There´s others, o ya, people say hombre alot regardless of gender, they´re just like, si hombre or calidad hombre, even if it´s a woman, haha.  And calidad means quality, but they use it to mean cool, but everyone says it, even grandma´s.  Can you imagine G'ma saying something like ´that´s cool man´ cause i can´t, but that´s what they say, so it´s great.
Thanks for everything, i´ll try right now to send pictures, good luck with everything, and i look forward to hearing from you next week.
Elder Hansen

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