Elder Hansen is serving a full time mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints among the people of Quetzaltenango, Guatemala.

Monday, March 26, 2012

Hey fam,
i´m glad to hear that Brian was able to move without harm or injury,
and I hope that you can continue working on the house, and that
everything goes well there.  That´s fun to have them there, and plus
all the cousins in the acequia 2nd ward is fun.  I´m happy for romney,
and I don´t think i would have guessed mexico, honestly i thought he
would have gone europe like Landon, but that´s awesome.  isn´t
chijuajua by the border, or where is it?  The cool too about Uncle
Julian, I hope that they have luck in finding a house and in moving
and everything.
    It sounds like it´s warmer there than it is here, and it might be.
 Today and yesterday have been pretty cold.  Usually in the afternoon
here, the sun is really bright, and it gets pretty hot.  But this week
has been kind of cold.  Yesterday it rained a ton, and hailed a little
bit too.  A little further up the mountain in an area called chiax, it
hailed so much that it was pretty much like snow, and one of the
elders made a snow man, and took a picture of it, so that´s great.
But this girl named Rosaura, we haven´t really had a chance to talk
with her, because she was gone almost the whole week, but we´ll talk
to her this week, and I think we´re putting a baptismal date.  But
we´re working, and i´m excited for this weekend for General
Conference, it should be good.  I´m looking forward to it, and hope
that a couple of investigators are able to come.
    I´m jealous that you´re going on a trip to florida, that´s
amazing.  You guys are lving the good life, haha.  I can´t believe
it´s almost april already.  I´ll have 9 months in 3 days, so this
month went by pretty fast.  And shane has like a month and a half,
that´s crazy to think about.  I honestly remember the talk he gave
still, and it was on mother´s day, so that´s weird to think about.  I
think i remember just about everyday that my friends have left on
their mission, haha.
     But today I think we´re just gonna hand around.  Changes are
tomorrow, but i´m staying here, and with Elder posas.
   Have fun with everything, and I hope that you all have a great week.
Elder hansen

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