Elder Hansen is serving a full time mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints among the people of Quetzaltenango, Guatemala.

Monday, April 2, 2012

 hey mamaita linda, and all the familia chula,
> how´s everything going?  What a great letter, and what a great
> conference too that we had.  Ya, we were able to watch every session.
> in our zone, i think there´s 16 or 18 elders, so that´s good.  We were
> all able to be there and the english white people all watched it in
> one room, there was only 6 of us, so not too big, but it was good to
> hear it in english and everything. Before, last week, i downloaded all
> the sessions in spanish from the last conference and listened to
> almost all of it, that was good.  But ya, i loved every talk, and they
> really applied to me, and helped me out alot actually. i´ll have to
> read over the notes and everything i took, but it was great and i
> liked it alot.  And one thing we said is that the themes were really
> interesting, and kind of different, some of them, then they have been
> before.
>    i´m glad that you guys were able to go to florida, that´s awesome,
> i´m sure it was alot of fun. and also i can´t believe shane´s coming
> home in a month, that´s really weird, and went by fast.
>   i´m happy for brian and ashlee too, i hope they enjoy it there, the
> farm was a good place to grow up, haha.  But that´s great for them,
> and i hope that everything continues to go well.  Tell brian to plant
> the beets straight, so that we look like professional farmers, haha.
> the weirdest thing here, mostly they plant corn here, but they make
> huge rows of dirt, the hills,  like twice the size of the potato
> hills, and from there they put about 5 or 7 corn seeds on the side of
> the little hill, and they do that on both sides of the hill, and about
> every 3 feet they plant seeds, so it´s really different.  I heard of
> one family here that they just plant it normally like us, and that it
> grows better, but i´ll have to take a picture so that you can
> understand it better what they do.  They do everything with those big
> hoes, but no one really has a lot of land anyway.  like i´ve said,
> i´ve just seen one tractor here.
>    as far as the missionary work, Rosa is still just waiting for her
> divorce papers to go through and everything, it´s just waiting, she
> can´t do anything else, so that´s a pester, but there´s not much else
> anyone can do.  also, yesterday, a guy in a wheelchair came to church
> with us, his name is samuel.  He liked it alot and said he felt the
> spirit, and he recognized it.  His life is harder than i can describe,
> but i know that the gospel and the priesthood could help him if he
> allows it to.  And that´s really what the gospel is about, to be able
> to bless us, because God wants us to be happy, but he can´t just give
> us certain blessings without reason, he allows us to learn and I think
> to see the cause and effect also, and of course we always need to
> practice faith.  But conference helped my testimony too, and i was
> just thinking about how lucky we are to have such guidance, the world
> doesn´t have that surety and it´s sad, but the Lord offers everything,
> if only we ask him, and do His will, it´s just that simple.  Like
> president Uchtdord said, if you have any feelings of hatred or have a
> grudge against someone, Stop It! it´s just that simple, so it´s great.
>     Anyway, the package should come tomorrow because that´s when the
> zone leaders go to xela, and also i´m the district leader now, there´s
> 8 in our district.  It´s good because i get a cell phone, which is
> nice. I´ll have to send some pictures when I can, but you guys should
> send me some of whatever, just by email and i´ll get them and also am
> able to print out photos here.  have a good week everyone, and thanks
> for everything.
> love,
> elder hansen

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