Elder Hansen is serving a full time mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints among the people of Quetzaltenango, Guatemala.

Saturday, April 28, 2012

hey family,
this week went by really fast i feel like, so it was good.  But we have two baptismal dates for the 5th of may, so we´re hoping and praying that everything goes well with them.  One is a guy from momostenango, and other from here, juan pablo and vincent, so i hope everything works out there.  But we are also looking always.  The truck kind of took a hit this week, but we weren´t driving it, or in it.  the office couple got hit by a motorcycle when they were driving it, so it kind of hit the bumper and stuff, but it´s fixed already i think.  
     I can´t believe that jared is going to prom, that seems so weird.  i remember my first prom i went with jenna bingham ( it took me a while to remember, haha, it´s been a long time).  So that´s crazy.  my little boys growing up so fast!, haha.  I feel bad about the beets though, hopefully everything can get back on track with those, but there´s opposition in all things, so i guess we can´t worry too much. 
    The work in the office is good, i feel like i´m in the tv show, ´the office´sometimes.  No, not really, but it kind of does remind me of it.   I have learned everything i need to do.  most of it´s not too hard, it just takes a little bit of organization and it´s easy, but pretty much the secretary before set it up good for me.  At first it was kind of stressful just because the day after the other secretary left, i was in charge of getting a missionary back to his house, he was finishing his mission, but now it´s not too bad.  There´s 15 missionaries leaving in this next group, and 13 coming, so i have to be in charge of getting them here, and also sending the other ones off.  
     1.  my license expires in october on my birthday i think, but i´m 98.9 percent positive that i won´t need it by then, because i´ll be out of the office, but if you want to renew it that´s fine, if not, that´s perfect too. but maybe just renew it in case. 2.  i did get my bankcard and everything is good with that, I bought some corte, so we´re going to see if we can make pants out of it somewhere, and some ties.  3.  my health is better than it was in the u.s. 4. i don´t need anything here, i have more than i had in the u.s. haha, no just kidding, but you don´t need to sent anything down.
   to be honest, i´m pretty far behind in my reading of the Book of Mormon, but i for sure will catch up, but some days it´s hard, because I don´t have time for language study in the afternoon, but I know i´ll finish it.  anyway,  evwerything is going good here, i´ll have to get some more pictures sent offf, and i hope that you all got the other ones.  That´s cool too that jaime and riley are going to be living close to mark, that´s great.  But I hope that you all take care, and have a good week. I look forward to hearing from you the next week.  
love, you all,
Elder hansen

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