Elder Hansen is serving a full time mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints among the people of Quetzaltenango, Guatemala.

Saturday, April 14, 2012

hey family, how is everything going?
ya, sorry haha, that I just wrote that haha, but i moved into a new area...the office, so our preparation day is on saturday, just for us.  I'm getting trained to be the next general secretary and an elder named Elder Frodsham is the current one, so that's pretty fun.  I got a call on wednesday morning and they said to come to xela at 3, and so i came down with elder posas.  Then we came to the office and they told me, but i actually knew earlier that morning that i was coming to the office because an old assistent to the president told me, who was in my district in toto.  So i traded spots with an Elder de Lora, who came with me in my group, who now is in toto with elder posas, and i'm in the office.  But there's three secretaries because elder carter broke his foot about 4 weeks ago or so, and also elder de lora had a broken foot, so there were three secretaries two of which had broken foots, but now there{s three, two of which are healthy, haha.  
   I also got to drive for the first time in 9 and a half months, so it was kind of scary when i first started, but i just drove last night, it was fun. there's only two cars in the mission, so i feel priviledged to be able to drive one.  But we pretty much only get to drive because of elder carter's broken foot, but when he leaves, which i think he is in three weeks, then it's back to walking and everything, except when we need to move stuff and everything.  But it's not as fun to drive as i thought it was going to be, just because it's really slow here and everything, especially when there's alot of traffic, which is pretty much always, haha.  But our house is pretty nice, i feel like i had a huge change of houses, environment, everything, it's pretty crazy.  I pretty much speak english all day, but there's an assistent from el salvador, so i try and talk to him alot, just so i keep learning, and don't lose any spanish.  But there's a hot water heater in our house, which i haven't used for a while.  
     pretty much we are in the office after our studies in the morning, and then until 5 or 6.  The last couple days have been pretty slow because there hasn't really been much to do, but as soon as elder frodsham leaves, then i'm gonna probably have a ton to do, just working on projects and everything, which i'm pretty sure that he's leaving on tuesday.  But everything's going good, and i love the area that we're working in, it's great.  i'm still getting to know it and everything. 
   But my companion officialy is elder carter from sandy utah, but then the assistents are elder becerra, whose dad is the mission president in the california arcadia mission, and elder andrade from el salvador, i think?, and then elder frodsham who's the general secretary, was.  
    but also, everyone has a baby picture, or whatever picture of them when they were little, here in the office, so if you could send one of me when i was little, with whoever, or whatever, it doesn't matter, just when i was little.  also in the office are an elder and sister fairbourne, and they're from idaho falls idaho, originally, but they have lived in minnessota for 35 years or something.  anyway, everything's going good, and you can send me a picture whenever because i'll be able to look it up any day of the week and print it out or something.  But i hope that all of you have a great week, and have fun with mark and everything.  i'll be writing you then from saturday on, but you can probably send an email whenever, i could read it, but just not respond or anything probably until saturday.  anyway, i love you all, and i'll have to let you more about the investigators and or members when i get to know them better. take care,
Elder hansen 

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