Elder Hansen is serving a full time mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints among the people of Quetzaltenango, Guatemala.

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Dear family,
good luck in the trek, that should be alot of fun. We have a baptism today at 530, Gonzalo de Leon is going to get baptized, so that should be good.  Supposedly he´s been having some problems with his family or something, so he was looking a little sad today when he saw him, but he knows and recognizes that it´s a trial, and that he needs to do what he knows is right.  That´s gonna be a good baptism.  He has a cast though, so we need to put a plastic bag on it so that it doesn´t get wet.  I think  i told you that four investigators went to church on Sunday, but antonio we haven´t really been able to visit this week, we hope that he is able to come tomorrow as well.   Keep praying for him and for Enrique as well. Also, Elder Monge went to the Nahualá zone, and so he´s not in our trio anymore, but there´s another elder named Elder Furnell, he´s from Lewiston Idaho, and I think he´s gonna be with us for a little bit.  But elder monge is coming down for the baptism, so i´m happy about that. 
    This week I kind of learned more about the Holy Ghost, that it´s important to have it´s guidance and everything.  I think i´ve been able to recognize when he is with me strongly, and when he is not with me as strongly.  I also have learned how to be happy no matter what happens, that there´s always going to be a light at the end of tunnel.  Sometimes in life that´s hard to see, in any moment of our lives, but there´s always blessings that come, and there´s not any time in our life that we can´t be happy, or at least have comfort.  And that´s what the gospel is all about, being happy, living the principles that God has given us, making a covenant with God, and doing all these things so that one day we will be able to return with our Heavenly Father one day.  I´m grateful that as a family we´ve been sealed to be able to live with each other for ever.  It´s a great blessing to have the knowledge of the gospel.  The thing i´ve realized is that the knowledge that the gospel contains has not been made up by somebody, but they´re eternal principles that have always existed, and that we have to live to be able to become perfect.  I´m glad that we´re able to have that knowledge.  
       Jared, good job getting up on one ski, that´s awesome, you´ll have to practice alot to be able to backflips like me, no, haha.  But good luck with that. 
     I hope that you all have a good week.  Everything´s going good here, and i´m having a great time, and having great experiences.  Thank you all for everything, and good luck this next week on the trek.  Love you all,
Elder Hansen

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