Elder Hansen is serving a full time mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints among the people of Quetzaltenango, Guatemala.

Saturday, July 28, 2012

hey family,
i was reading your letter, but I just saw Elder DeHut´s name and skipped to that part.  That´s crazy, haha, i never would have guessed that, but ya i´ve met and talked with him and stuff, just in a zone meeting, but I don´t know him too well.  That´s awesome though, haha.  But I was here and everything when he came, because I know all the news that come in, and get to meet them.  Anyway, I´ll probably have to ask him about it so that I can change his ward and stake information, haha.  I can´t even believe that Romney left, it´s so crazy!  I know he´s gonna be such a good missionary, and his spanish is gonna be amazing by the time he´s done!  haha, but that´s awesome, I remember when I got set apart like it was yesterday, that´s so crazy, but I´m glad it was a good experience.  
  The Castro Family didn´t end up going to church this week, I don´t think they will, but we talked with their son that´s 19 I think, and he said that he´s going.  About Benjamin, I don´t think he´s going to progress at all, we put an appointment with him, but he wasn´t there or anything.  But we did meet a kid, he was walking in the street with football pads and a helmet, so we decided to talk to him!  His name´s ever, and we invited him to an activity last night with a member, and he came, so it was really good.  He´s from Guate, we haven´t taught him or anything, but he´s a potential to progress.  He´s here studying, and just lives by himself, so we´ll see how that goes.  Also, I´m pretty sure that on Tuesday when there´s changes, we´re moving areas.  We´re in Las Américas, but it´s actually pretty far, and takes alot of time to get there.  We actually live in an area called Panorama, so I think that´s where our new area´s going to be.  We´ll be able to work alot more, and I think even have lunch with members, so that would be nice.  I love Las Américas, just cause we know alot of people there, non-members and members, so it´s like a second home, but I know that Panorama will be good as well. 
   Also, I saw that Tess got her mission call!  Nicaragua, from what I hear, is really hot, but I know a few elders from there and they´re really cool.  Elder Monge is from Managua, and he was a good elder.  There´s some slang language they speak there, but it is not like normal spanish. I haven´t really heard it, but it´s called Escalinche, and it would be interesting to learn that. I would imagine it´s something like ubonics in English.  
    Elder Fairbourne and Sister fairbourne were born in Idaho Falls, I think both of them, and he was a newscaster guy for like 3 or 6 years there or something, but then they moved to Oregon, and then eventually to Minneapolis, because he got an offer there.  He´s a weather man! so if you want, you could look him up on Youtube maybe, michael dee fairbourne.  
  Today we have an activity in the Church.  I need to make some things for it and everything, I´m going to do a ´pin the tie on the missionary´ haha, I´ll let you know how it goes.  BTW, how is Bryce doing?  I hope that he´s gotten better, cause it´s no fun being sick, ha.  Here´s a picture, we found a big mouse/small rat in the house, so one of the assistents killed it.  There´s not too many little animals or anything, so we were excited to get some action!  
     I know that this missionary work is the Lord´s, and that his hand is guiding it.  Even though it seems like sometimes we´re alone, I really like the story of the man who when he got to the judgement, looked back at his footsteps in the sand, at times he saw two sets of footprints, and at times just one.  He asks Christ where he was through all that time when there was only one set of footprints, and Christ said that He was carrying the man in those times.  I love that because it´s true, and literally we can´t do anything without the atonement of Jesus Christ.  It´s something I want to understand better as well.  I know that he did everything for us.  I heard a talk in a byu devotional, it was by Brad Wilcox about the atonement.  But I learned that Christ didn´t just pay the majority, and we have to be obedient to pay for the rest.  Christ payed for everything, we don´t have to pay anything, so that´s why we´re saved by grace.  But to be able to be better people, and to be able to have our body resurrected to a celestial state, we have to use the atonement of Christ.  We use His atonement through following the steps of the gospel and making covenants.  Christ paid everything, and He sets the requirements, because He is our mediator.  We have to have faith, which includes being obedient to which God has commanded us, repent, be baptized, and endure to the end to be able to change to be worthy to leave with Him forever.  It´s something I´m still learning about, but I know that this gospel is true and that the Book of Mormon´s true.  What a great way to know that Christ´s church has been restored.  I hope that I´m able to continue learning, and continue to have the guidance of the spirit with me.  
   I hope that you all take care, and thanks for everything you do.  Good luck this next week, it sounds like you´re going to be busy, but hope that all goes well.  Elder Bench says THANK YOU FOR THE PACKAGE.  It was funny when he told me about it, cause he said, ´i thought they got it mixed up or something I read Hansen and thought for sure it was a mix up!´ haha, Thank you all and have a good week.  I love you all.
Elder Hansen

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