Elder Hansen is serving a full time mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints among the people of Quetzaltenango, Guatemala.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

the CCM

Hey family,
sounds like everything's going well for you.  The ccm is good, the weather has been the same.  not much has happened i guess.  The new elders came in, so that was good.  They all seem young, even though they're the same age, but i feel like there's a difference.  my companion is from gunnison utah, and i think their family ranches or something.  his brother just got finished with his mission in mozambique, and his parents went to go pick him up, so i feel bad that he's mission out on that, but he wants to ask the president if he can skype him or something.  his name btw is elder sage lund, and he's going to the retalhuleu mission.   I saw pictures of Malea (I think that's her name, please, please, forgive me tanner and marissa if thats wrong haha, so many things go on here, i cant remember what i did an hour ago sometimes haha)  I was able to print them out, but her hair is so thick, that's ridiculous, but im excited for them. 
     So we moved classrooms finally.  We had one upstairs with no windows that was probably the size of the piano room.  Being in there for like 4 hours a day was almost depressing haha.  But we moved downstairs, and from my seat i just look up and can see the angel moroni on top of the temple, so it's awesome.  Idk if i told you but we got new cooks, and the food is pretty good.  im always hungry after i eat for some reason, haha, maybe im gaining weight or something, i feel fat, but im gonna lose weight in the field probably so thats alright.  Im super excited to go into the field right now.  only 13 days left, and im ready to go wherever.  i cant believe its almost here though.  It doesnt really feel like im on a mission right now, just because im studying all day and everything, which is good and important, but im excited to get to the real deal full time.  Last night we heard a talk from Elder Holland that basically made me feel really guilty, haha.  It was so good though, he gave it at the Mtc last year, and he just talked about how important this work really is, and the power that we actually do have as missionaries, and it was a great booster to me.  I think im going to waterproof my shoes next prep day, but idk if i can waterproof my church shoes, and i might have asked you this already, so just let me know in the e'mail next week and ill read the directions for sure on the waterproofing bottle.  One more thing, you sent me the mission home address (and is that for packages, letters or both) but whats the pouch address too?
I was able to print off your letter beforehand so i have some time to think for a little bit haha.  I dont think i really miss those chores, especially in such hot weather.  But at times it would be nice to go and pull some weeds in the yard or something, but i did enjoy it even if it seemed like i didnt hah. oh ya also, in the letter you said you gave them your address, was that dear elder or who, haha, i wasnt sure, but no big deal.  I feel bad that Jeffrey Gomez has to wait so long, but he's gonna enjoy it i think.  Remember my friend Fernando Perez from BYU? hes goingto guat south, but i think he's coming in a day after i leave, so thats a bummer, but he might not actually come to the CCM because he already kind of speaks spanish, but i would have loved to see him anyway.  Im sorry jared and alysha that school is starting soon.  But please enjoy it, especially you jared, i liked high school.  just enjoy where you're at, and life will be great.  Be sure to let me know who your teachers are and everything.   I knew that romney was staying where i was, i pretty  much told him to, but i hope he has a good time, I did for sure, he'll be really good friends with everybody on the floor. 
   Practicing teaching and everything is going good.  I dont have all the lessons learned good enough to teach in spanish, but im working on it.  Me and my companion have pretty good teamwork, so our lessons go well.  Jared can honestly just read preach my gospel.  Its such a good book, i wish i would have studied it more and gain a stronger testimony of it, but he can read that and do what he knows is good, and be happy, hahah.  thats something everybody needs haha.  i think taking spanish in high school helped, so tell him to work hard at it next year when he takes spanish, and that would be fine just to take it junior and senior year, unless he wants to take it this year, that's when i took it anyway.  the trip to guat. helped some, and that was fun too, i m glad i went.  Well family,  everything is going good, and im still trying to figure things out, but i keep pressing on.  When i think about the family back home supporting me its a big help.  Everyone have fun, and im glad that the wheat harvest is going well.  I miss driving combine and truck right now, but i dont see how that could be better than missionary work.  Thanks for all your help, and for being such a good family, especially you mom and dad.  Im trying to do my best, and i miss you all but love you all.  Tell anyone you see hi for me.  And try and help the missionaries out in the ward with refrences or anything, sit in on a lesson with someone, and i think that will help alot. 
Elder Hansen

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