Elder Hansen is serving a full time mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints among the people of Quetzaltenango, Guatemala.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

im enjoying it here more and more

mom and hansen family
thank you all for the letters, dad i read your letter, so ill just reply to it on this.  im glad you had a good time on the fifty miler, i remember going on those and they were really fun.  im glad everything is going good on the farm, i hope that harvest goes well, and that you dont have too much trouble, (we always need a little bit, just to stay humble, haha).  thats too bad about shane, i hope that doesnt happen out in the field to me, but i hope also that he was able to work everything out with that.  ya, keep forwarding his emails if you can.  btw, still work on sending me my address that is my mission home address in quetzaltenango, because i still dont know what it is, it should be in the missionary packet, or on my facebook, thanks.  im so happy for marissa and tanner, thats awesome, ill try and look at these pictures, but i have hardly any time on the computer.  ill try and answer your questions, the training center here is called the CCM, which is centro capacitacion de misional i think.  its a good place.  my  teacher in the morning went on her mission to the us so she speaks fluent english, but teacher in the night, only speaks spanish, and can understand some english and speak some, but its awesome.  i love learning spanish, and i have alot more to learn, but i can get a lesson across so thats good enough for me right now.  in CRE, which is where its like a real life situation, but we just teach teachers and stuff, the lady said that me and my compaion are ready to leave next week, so i thought that was neat.  i dont think we have a choice, because we have to stay here for another 4, but it made me feel good about my progress. its not that hard to communicate with latin missionaries, most of them help out alot so im grateful for that, and last night i learned how to thanks for helping me out with spanish, haha, so now i can thank them.  spanish isnt too bad though, i can understand any one i feel like, as long as their words are clear and stuff.  guatemalan spanish isnt too fast, and they pronounce all their words.  the domincan republican in our room cuts off all his words, so its like putting spanish in a grinder, then listening to it, haha.
   the weather here isnt bad at all.  idk how hot, but way more mild than provo right now.  every day seems like perfect weather, and it doesnt rain too much either.  we get up at 630 excercise for hour, then eat, then studies until 12, then lunch, then class, then dinner, than class, than planning for half hour, than at 930 we can go back to our rooms, and then 1015 is quiet time, 1030 lights out, so its good.  people seem to be getting their packages from the states, idk how long it will take to get down here though, hopefully not too long, that would be sweet though.  i didnt tell that missionary in provo my address so he didnt send the sheets, its alright though no worries, i still have four pieces or whatever.
  8 minutes left, so im gonna tell you what happened this week.  i saw richard on sunday, that was a surprise, it was good to talk again and just to know that alot of support is coming from home.  on monday we actually left the CCM and went contacing.  it was alot of fun.  we did it for about 1 and a half hours, and i went with my latin companion, but i spoke as much as i could.  it was great, and if i wanted to say something, i just opened my mouth and said it, and everything seemed to work out.  one guy though, was drunk that we talked to.  i guess i didnt really realize it till after.  so we were talking to him, and he said that his life was kind of hard, cause he wants god to help him, and he has faith and stuff and prays, but he doesnt know what else to do.  we were in the street talking to him, then he said come over to my house.  so we walked like 15 feet, and he opened up his door.  i looked inside and just thought, o not a bad place i guess.  then he said 'entren' and my companion latino just flat out said no, and right then i felt the spirit so strong say to me that i shouldnt walk in that door no matter what.  ive never had the spirit, at least that strong, tell me to not do something.  it was such a cool experience, my stomache literally felt sick, mom, and i knew that it was the spirit telling me to not go in, no matter what.  it almost felt like a had gotten punched, not hard, but enough to take a little bit of my breathe away.  its intersting to see how the spirit works.  i dont know what would have happened if me, or my companion, werent worthy of the spirit, but i know that the lord will protect me.  it strengthened my testmony alot, and was really cool.  i hope i can live worthy to always have that, as well as to have the spirits help in testifying, etc. 
down here theres an Elder XOL (shole) and he looks exactly like jose diez haha, with a little difference, but he speaks keckche, idk how to spell it, as well as spanish, and hes a funny elder to talk to.  today were going to the temple.  i enjoyed it immensely last week, and was glad to finally be able to go and feel peace.  even as a missionary you get stressed and stuff, but the temple helps this, and is just really peaceful.  im looking forward to that.  im enjoying it here more and more, and the days are going by faster. i gtg, but thanks so much for everything, wish i could express my thoughts and feelings more.  love you all so much. love, Elder hansen

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