Elder Hansen is serving a full time mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints among the people of Quetzaltenango, Guatemala.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Week of the 9th

how's everything going.  i feel bad that i wont receive your email, but i have alot to share with you, so its alright.  its been a pretty active week.  first off, my companion went home. i dont really know what for, he just told me a family emergency, so it was kind of mysterious, but no big deal.  he felt bad, and so did i, but he said he was gonna come back when he could, so i hope he can.  do me a favor, will you and add him on my FB.  do you remember my password and username? if so, his name is Preston Deuel, (yes de u e l) and hes from payson utah.  just add him, and then he can look at my pictures and stuff like that. 
  also, the CCM has a website.  I believe that it is  guatemalaccm.com  if not, then maybe google it or something, and get on and look at the pictures and stuff on there.  I am also in a video, the song is something like the la luz de something, idk, but im playing the piano, even though you cant see me, and its with a bunch of missionaries in front standing and singing, so get on and see if that works, that would be cool.  So this computer keeps freezing, ill try and get everything.  Next you can dear elder to the mtc down here for free i believe, just send it and they print it off here, so you can tell everyone that, and i receive those thursday.  you can also, i think, dear elder to my mission, but i think it costs the cost of a stamp to go to salt lake, and then pouch down to my mission.  Also, be sure to send me my mission home address. 
    You should look up a few things on the internet.  First,hear aboutthe elder that got his arm bitten or something by a lion, down here in Guatemala, i think few weeks ago, but im not sure, and also look up whats goin on with the election down here, ive just heard stories and stuff but idk whats up.  Today we went to the museo flores, because all the other elders and sisters left today, so theres only about 30 or so of us at the CCm right now and so today was my prep day.  Tomorrow, new elders are coming down, so that will be cool.  BTW the museo flores was cool and we went to the mall in guat city.  it was gigantic, one of the biggest malls ive been in,  so it was cool to see that right in the middle of guatemala city.  before that though, we went to the relief map, which is a gigantic map that's to scale of the whole country of guatemala, idk if you have seen it, but its pretty cool.  its about 20 yards or so acros, and 25 the other way.  after that we went to central market, and i just bought a jersey, cause i know that im gonna be able to buy a bunch of stuff in my mission.  it was weird to be back there, cause it seemed like i was  just there.  it was also weird because when we went, we saw the missionaries, so it was cool to be the missionary this time.  We also saw other missionaries, one set was going home and wednesday and the other set had been out for a year. 
    Today i pulled some money out of the atm, so will you just check on my bank account and make sure my money hasnt been laundered or something.  Will you also ask aunt jody if you can wash those hand knit sweaters that are so popular down here.  i think landon got one last year, im just wondering because an bought one today, and he didnt know if he could wash it or what.  im liking the CCm alot.  It seems like the spanish is off and on sometimes, but if i talk alot and hear alot of spanish, then its easier to understand and everything.  today i didnt really talk alot, because i was with gringos all day, but when the next latinos come, it will be better.  idk what else is up.  my companion and i are now the zone and district leaders, and the other two elders, my old compa Elbench and his comp kekayoha o something are the assistants to the pres.  im excited to go to my mission now, i know that the ccm time is going fly by, so im gonna try and take advantage of it.  i think im only going to be emailing two more times from heree and the third time will be in my area.  one more request, will you send me 4 pictures of el mirador that i took last year.  they will be on my external hard drive which should be in one of my boxes.  the'll be stored under guatemalan pictures or something like that.  i really want the picture of the 'swimmer' that was carved on the side of a wall, technically its a ditch, but just looks like a wall.  so if you could send 1 or 2 of those and then 2 or 3 more, that would be awesome.  Well, tomorrow im going to the temple, so im excited for that.  if you wanna send a dear elder this week instead of an email that would be awesome, but no biggee if you cant.  i dont have a mail box number or anything, i think my name should just be located on there or something.  thanks for yor support and love.  im having a great time and hope to make it better.  btw we got new cooks, and i think they are better than the last ones, so im excited for that, i love you all and hope everything is going good at home.  Jared and alysha have a fun rest of the summer and take advantage of it, go swimming and boating, but be careful, especially jared while you work on the farm.  love you and tell everyone hi for me and that im doin good.
love you all,
Elder Hansen

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