Elder Hansen is serving a full time mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints among the people of Quetzaltenango, Guatemala.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

that was when I realized I could understand spanish...

hey family,
it's good to hear from you all.  i didnt get that package yet, but im sure it will come this week.  if not dont worry about it because 4they said that they would forward anything that came our way after we left... i think, haha.  But i think my p day is probably next wednesday, im not sure though, but ya im pretty sure i'll email you on wednesday, or so because im leaving tuesday in the morning probably around 8, thats when the last group left anyway.  i just got a haircut today, so thats exciting, the guatemalan barbers that they have come here are really fast haha.  it rained quite a bit too.  We're driving to quetzaltenango.  im pretty sure that the mission presdient drives up or something and gets us all.  i heard it was only 4 maybe 5 hours drive from the city.  Its really not that far, it's just that its up in the mounatins, so im sure some roads are rough or something.  i'm glad to hear that grain harvest is going good without me, haha.  Driving combine and everything is fun.  i hope jared and alysha had a good first few days.  thats so crazy that they started school already.  this past month has flown by, i think alot faster than the first month.  im excited to go into the field and anxious to see who my companion is and everything.  on monday we went out contacting again.  We werent sure if we were going to, but we ended up going to a place a little ways away called camp marte, Aunt jody may know it.  I think we talked to about 5 people, and we got three referalls.  One guy let us into his house and we talked to him.  He just said he's happy with his church and is glad that we're out teaching the gospel and stuff.  I asked him if he had a family, and then told him that in our church, families are able to be together forever.  I think the spirit was there, so maybe he will have some interest in the church.  Idk, im still new at this, haha, but i'll eventually get a grasp on things.  This week was really good for language.  A primary group came, they do every two or three weeks or something, and a couple of latin missionaries talked to them, and i understood almost everything that they said.  That was when i realized i could understand spanish.  It was great, and ever since then, i've been able to understad alot of what the latinos say.  In church and everything, or when President Steimle talks, I can understand almost everything they say.  I seriously need to widen my vocabulary though, and i know that that will come with time, but as far as gospel stuff and in class, i can understand alot.  That doesnt mean i can speak it though, its just getting used to structuring some sentences and how to put words together that i need to work on.
     When we went contacting, it was just me and my companion Elder Lund going with each other, so that was a little nerve racking at first, but i knew that i would have help.  He's still working on his spanish, and he's a great companion to have.  President Steimle had a friend come over and tell his conversion story to us last night in a meeting.  He was from Argentina and he and his wife talked.  President Steimle read out of his journal a part where he baptized a family, and one kids name was Carlos.  They guy that was there last night was Carlos, and he and his wife are going to serve as counselors or something, idk, for the costa rican temple. It was cool just to see how long friendships can last aftr a mission, and how much good that Carlos had done in his life because of his conversion. 
     Today i went to the temple and it was good, the last time until quetzaltenango gets dedicated, which i believe is on the 11 of december, this Elder from San Marcos told me.  So i found a new love here, and that's candy haha.  This little store comes to the ccm every week and sells lots of stuff along with candy, and it's like i have a sweet shortage or something because it's the only thing on my mind when prep day comes.  But the food here is seriously really good, and i have ice cream every meal, except breakfast, so i dont know why i feel like i'm lacking on sugar, but i guess i am.  i dont know if i have gained weight, my jeans are a little tight, but that's probably the last thing on my mind anyway.  But ya, just a random though for you about my life haha.  Thanks for sending me those addresses and i hope you were able to add elder deuel as one of my friends.  One more address, what is shane's, i feel like i should write him more than one time as he's on  his mission, so that would be great.  I think everything is good here, once i get to quetzaltenango, i'll try and send you some pictures of the ccm and stuff, and the view from my classroom and bedroom.  i hope i can be a good missionary, and help people understand the importance of this work.  I know that it's true, here in the mission that's all i think about is the gospel, so i'm always looking for answers, and for ways i will be able to help investigators.  Love you all, and good to hear about the teachers that jared and alysha have.  I love bowen and hallie, and it's so fun to hear about them, i hope my spanish can be as good as his english.  Have a good week, and next time, which is weird to think about, i'll be writing from the field hopefully.  Thanks for your supports, tell everyone hi. 
love yo uall,
Elder Hansen

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