Elder Hansen is serving a full time mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints among the people of Quetzaltenango, Guatemala.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

The mtc here is great.

hey, its good to hear from you
i love the mtc here, especially at the beginning.  its hard to believe its already been a week, so it has gone by fairly fast.  i feel like the time here is slow, just because im studying all day and everything.  this last month has gone by fast, but at the same time, it feels like i have been doing this forever, so time in the mtc and ccm is warped or something.  That's good though, so i will be able to learn everything i need to.  About the blog and everything, you can do that, i think, but ya just pick and choose whatever you feel is good to put in there.  Usually i'll just try to put random stuff in the first paragraph, and then the others, you can share and forward and everything.  Also, what is my address for my mission home in Quetzaltenango, i'm trying to send a letter to Zac, and want to give him that address but i don't have it.  For the address here, you can just put my name and then the mtc address, and they said that it will go to a pouch in SLC, then that leaves SLC on a friday i believe. 
     I actually was thinking of you all when it was july 24th, cause some kids from utah and stuff remembered it was pioneer day, haha.  I was humming the song 'i know that my redeemer lives' when i read that jared played it, haha, thats good for him.  I do wish i had some time to practice the piano, but i'm glad i'm still able to play the hymns and everything.  Ya, i hope everything went well with marissa's baby, it's weird to think i wont really know for another week how things went, but i wish her the best.  The mtc here is great.  I love the food, its better than provo's i feel like, and i don't have a stomach ache all the time, haha.  There's really good chicken and bread so its good.  In our room there's six kids, two going to quetz, and my comp is going to retalhuleu.   and i cant remember where the other two are going, they only speak spanish, haha, so its good to try and speak with them.  One is from Republica Dominicana, and the other from honduras, and the latino culture is pretty interesting at times.  The Elder from Republica Dominica cuts off his words way bad, so he'll say something like 'a la se' really fast, instead of 'a las seis' but i've started to develop an ear for it.  i also have a latin companion who i'm supposed to sit with at meals and meetings, and he speaks way fast.  He's from chile, going to guat. Central mission, but he's started to slow down his spanish for me. 
   It was way good to see uncle Richard, haha.  I just walked into church, and he was sittin there singin in the choir with a big smile on his face, haha.  We talked for just a few minutes, but it was good to hear from him, and it just made my day, and helped remind me of all you back home who are supporting me and praying for me and everything.  Anyway, church was good after that, and everything is good here.  Say hi to kade and ryan thats good you talked with them.  Travis Ganoe is ryans neighbor so i know him a little bit. 
     When are you goin start Wheat harvest and everything, let me know how thats going.  real quick, did i tell you my mission president is brand new in Quetz, and is from minnesotta? youll have to research that.  My new glasses i got are bent a little, so idk how to fix that.  and also andrew nilsen and Garth Crane were in the same district at the mtc and that was cool to see them alot.  Some questions for dad, how can i get to know a person and meet their needs and keep the burning desire to share the gospel.  How can i focus on the needs of the investigator while im in the ccm, and also how can i keep the spirit always and what things distracted from the work and the spirit.  Let me know what bryce's address is also. 
I love you all, and hope i didnt miss anything, i have little time on the computer, but thats alright.  Please have a good week, and wish marissa well.  I love you all alot.
Elder Hansen

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