Elder Hansen is serving a full time mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints among the people of Quetzaltenango, Guatemala.

Monday, July 11, 2011

spanish is going pretty good, and I for sure have surpassed what I learned in high school...

Hey family,
Everything is going good.  Thanks for the goodies, I won't be able to eat them all or else I'll probably become diabetic haha, but i'll try.  The mission presidents came and left before I got here I'm pretty sure, so I haven't seen any.  That's awesome that colton's going, I hope he does good.  I got the contacts and everything and looked for the butter knife, but it's alright cause I have one.  I filled out my college deferement and you put it in an envelope, but IDK if it got sent.  If you send a package, then you might as well send one more pair of underwear for p.e. and stuff,  and might as well send down some more toothpaste, idk how many though, probably 3 is fine.  Elder Bench is my companion's name, and he's from henderson.  I'll try and put stuff you don't need to forward in the 1st paragraph.  Ya, you can send it to family and if someone else really wants it too. 
      How are landon and Maegan doing, and how was their honeymoon?  That's good he's there for this summer at least to help you all out.  spanish is going pretty good, and I for sure have surpassed what I learned in high school.  I would say after 4 or 5 days, everything I knew pretty much came back so I have been blessed, but I still need a LOT of work, especially to be able to teach the gospel to people and testify to them.  I'm excited for the challenge though.  I'll have to take some pictures and print them out here then mail them, it's really cheap.  I've seen Becca about every other day, and she's doing fine.  She's pretty happy to be here it seems like, and she's funny too.  It's nice to have some relation, even though we're technically not related haha.  
     No, we can't ever leave the campus, which does seem kind of weird because when you think about it it's almost worse than jail. The only difference is that you want to be here, the spirit is here, and you know you will be leaving soon, haha.  The first few days were a little weird, i'm not gonna lie, just because they were long, and I was just thinking about everything what's going on ha.  But everything is good, and I hope to gain a stronger testimony while I'm here. Thanks for helping me understand how to work hard and be committed to something, because it helps alot here.  I feel really bad for Brian, I hope he can feel better, that's too bad.  I'll be praying for him.  I wish I could have heard Andrew speak, he's awesome haha, but that's alright I hope he's doin good, and tell him thanks for lettin' me roll in his car.  I see garth literally every day at least twice but sometimes three times, same for Andrew Nilsen.  They're both pretty cool and as far as I can tell they're doin good.
     I got my travel plans, so next tuesday i'm leaving at 430 pm and i'll be in LA at 9:17 (Local time? idk? i'll look it over and let you know next week)  So I think I can call from both slc and LA for they said 5 minutes or so.  My flight leaves at 8:10 that night from slc.  That was nice of John and Vickie and Dave and Debbie too, I'll have to write them a letter today.  Thank you so much family for everything, I love you, and please keep praying for me because I need help in more ways than one haha.  Good luck with everything, and keep living the gospel.  I hope all goes well for marissa and tanner, I love them.  The gospel is the fulness of Christ's gospel.
Elder Hansen

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