Elder Hansen is serving a full time mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints among the people of Quetzaltenango, Guatemala.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

guatemala is the coolest place ever...

Hey fam,  how is everything going? im typing on a spanish keyboard, so its a little different, its cool though. Im so glad im here, guatemala is the coolest place ever, and as soon as we landed it felt just like home.  i honestly dont feel out of place at all here, so im glad im able to be here and hopefully learn more about teaching, and of course, spanish.  the view is about 100000000000000000 times better from this mtc than it was in provo.  you can see the temple right outside our window of our room, and see the houses and hills and everything, its really awesome. in provo, i was able to see a tree outside of our classroom haha.  So they did have us go with new campanions, idk why, but its good.  My companion is from payson utah and his name is Elder Deuel (pronounced duel).  They said after three weeks if we´re excelling in spanish, then they might trade us to a latino companion.  So if that doesnt happen to me, don´t judge me haha.  the first day was pretty long, as usual, and hopefully I can get into the swing of things pretty fast.  My preparation days here are on Wednesdays so i probably wont see a letter from you till then.  i´m not sure of the address here at the CCM.  They told us that its a pouch address though, so maybe call up salt lake or something, i don´t know.  Maybe its in the pamphlet, but then if you just put it in the mail, it obviously wouldnt go to slc, so maybe just call there or something.  But if you just put my name, and then the address it will get to me, i dont have a mailbox number or anything i dont think.  Well, i have to get off now, but i hope everything goes well for you all back home.  ya, next prep day, well be able to go the temple and everything, so that will be fun.  Good luck with everything, i love you all.         love, Elder Hansen

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